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Larry A. Hamblen, Coronado, California


The George Robert Gose family moved into Lamar County in 1859. Several of their children were born, raised, and died there. Several descendants still reside there. In 1989 while I was researching my Hamblen family roots, Mae Gose of Dennison, Texas, sent me some old photos of the Gose family. Her father-in-law, Stephen W. Gose, married Mary C. Hamblen, daughter of my great, great grandparents, Pleasant W. and Lucinda (Ransome) Hamblen. The Hamblens migrated to Lamar County from Franklin County, Arkansas, in 1878. The biographical sketches are far from complete, but the George Robert Gose family should not be lost to history and I'm thankful for this site for posting their story.

[1] Stephan Gose (Goß); m. Catherine Spracher

[2] George Ketterling Gose, the seventh born child and the third born son of immigrant Stephan (Goß) Gose, was born in Rowan County, NC, February 14, 1769. He was married to Anna Maria Spangler, December 4, 1792. For more information, see http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~gose/george.htm

[3] Stephen Gose, born September 4, 1793; m. Polly Porter.

[4] George Robert Gose

George was born 8 Sep 1822, Wythe County, Virginia. He married Mary Magdaline Catron (earlier generations of Goses appear to have married into the Catron family as well) daughter of John and Margaret Elizabeth (Musser) Catron of Virginia, on 29 Sep 1842. Mary was born 29 Mar 1821, also in Wythe County, Virginia.

In 1859 George Robert Gose and family migrated west to Lamar County, Texas, from Virginia. His military record is as follows:

George was 1st Lt. in Company for Lamar County Beat #4, 9th Brigade, Texas Militia. G. R. Gose, 1st Lt., age not stated, appears on a Muster Roll for Active Service for the Texas Militia, Company for Lamar County, Texas, Beat No. 4, 9th Brigade of the State of Texas; officers elected on 21 Aug 1861, at Mound Prairie in Lamar County; company enrolled by John W. Moore; R. C. Bryan elected Captain commanding. The original muster roll is difficult to read. There was a George Gose in the 1860 Lamar County Census Precinct 4, Family 50-51, Farmer, age 38, born about 1822 in VA. George R. Gose, Capt., Co. B, is shown as being elected an officer in the 9th Brigade Texas State Troops, appearing in 9th Brigade Texas State Troops correspondence, in a letter dated 13 Aug 1863 from Brig. General A. Smith, Commanding, at Camp Beauford, Lamar County, Texas to Capt. J. Y. Dashiel, Adjt. and Inspector Gen. in Austin, Texas.

There are conflicting accounts on the number of their children, but it is believed that the list below gives the total number. However, the order may not correct. Their children were:

4.1 John A. Gose b. 13 Jul 1843; d. 15 Apr 1896

4.2 Elizabeth Ann Gose b. 11 Jul 1847; d. 03 Dec 1916

4.3 Mary J. Gose b. 1856

4.4 Melinda M. Gose

4.5 Joseph C. Gose

4.6 George R.C. Gose

4.7 Stephen W. Gose b. 04 Jun 1859; d. 08 Apr 1926

4.8 James V. Gose b. 29 Mar 1862; d. 15 Apr 1946

4.9 Solvina O. Gose b. 1864

4.10 Susan Luella Gose

4.11 Letticia Virginia Gose

4.12 Mary Stephen Gose

George died 13 Jun 1894. Burial was at Hickory Grove Cemetery, near Petty, Lamar County, Texas. Mary Magdaline's obituary:

Mrs. M. M. Gose, whose maiden name was Mary M. Catron, was born in Wytheville, Wythe County, VA, on March 29, 1821, where she was raised. She was married to George R. Gose in Virginia in 1842 and moved to Union Academy, Lamar County, Texas, 1859 and with the exception of four years, she lived at the Gose home until March 29, 1914, where she died on her ninety-third birthday.

"There were born to Mr. and Mrs. Gose nine children, four of whom are now living: Mrs. R. W. (Elizabeth) McClure, Mrs. W. D. (Sovina) Barnett, Steve William Gose. and James V. Gose. James, the youngest child, is now 52. 'Grandma,' as she was lovingly called, had 34 grandchildren, 73 great-grandchildren and 2 great, great, grandchildren, this being five generations, at the time of her death. Her descendants all live in Texas. She has one brother, Peter Catron, who lives at Bonham. She survived her husband by twenty years.

"She professed religion at the age of 14 and joined the Lutheran church in Virginia though when she moved to Texas she united with the Methodist church at White Rock as there was no church of her choice here. She lived a consistent Christian life of usefulness, administering to the sick, and during her prime of life no one was more often called on and no one went more willingly than she, often being called on to attend the bedside of a suffering mother."

[4.1] John A. Gose

John was the firstborn of George R. and Mary M. (Catron) Gose, was born in Virginia on 13 Jul 1843. A note in Biographical Sketches (www.rootsweb.com/~txfannin/2333.jpg) states that John could trace his ancestory back to his grandparents as follows--paternal grandfather, Stephen Gose, of Virginia; maternal grandfather, John Catron, of Virginia.

The above sketch also says that John was the eldest of a family of seven children. However, research has revealed that there was a total of 12 children in the George R. Gose family (see above).

John received some education in Virginia. However, the family moved to Texas when John was 16 years old (1859). He appears in the 1860 Lamar County Census in Precinct #4, Family #50-51 age 17, born in VA. John also got further education in Texas, but quit school to enlist in Company C, Burnett's Battalion, and Maxey's Brigade. His military record is as follows:

John A. Gose, Pvt., Co. C, age 19 appears on Company Muster-in Roll, Burnet's Battalion Texas Sharp Shooters, 1st Battalion Texas Sharp Shooters, National Archives Microfilm Roll 323, #260. Roll dated Camp Jackson, Lamar Co., TX, 10 Dec 1862, joined for duty at Lamar Co., TX, 1 Aug 1862 by Capt. A. W. Smith for 3 years of service. Roll dated Dec - Feb 1863: last paid by Capt. E. J. Shelton on 31 Oct 1862, absent, sick in Texas 29 Dec 1862. Roll dated Mar - Apr 1863: absent, left sick in hospital at Paris, TX since 29 Dec 1862. Roll dated May - Jun 1863: absent, same as last muster. Roll dated Jul - Aug 1863: absent, same as last muster. Roll dated Sep - Oct 1863: absent, left sick at Paris, Texas 6 Dec 1862 (sic).

John's biographical sketch states that he served until the close of the war.

In 1872 John was elected Sheriff of Lamar County. He held this position through 1880--for eight consecutive years. His biographical sketch tells us that "...in the discharge of the duties of his office he was brought in contact with some of the most desperate characters, as the country at that time was infested with bands of outlaws and desperadoes."

While serving as sheriff, John married Ellen T. (Trannie) Rucker, 24 Dec 1873. She was the daughter of Samuel B. Rucker (Rucker, Samuel Brown: age 36, b. abt. 1825, Pvt., in Lamar Co. Beat No. 3, 9th Brigade, Texas Militia).

After serving as sheriff, John engaged in the mercantile business until 1888. He sold his business and assumed the duties of tax collector of Lamar County. He was elected to this position over nine opponents. He was a Free Mason and a member of the Baptist Church. John died 15 Apr 1896, and was buried Evergreen Cemetery, Lamar County, TX. Trannie died 10 Jun 1930, and is also buried in the Evergreen Cemetery. Their children:

[4.2] Elizabeth A. Gose

Born: 11 Jul 1847. Elizabeth married Robert Wesley McClure on 14 Dec 1869, in Lamar County, Texas. She died 3 Dec 1916 and was buried in the Hickory Grove Cemetery, near Petty, Texas.

Notes: Tombstone is inscribed, 'Elizabeth A. McClure.' *Information from Mary Posey Tallant, 16 May 1998, 3240 Robin Rd., Paris, TX 75460: to M. E. A. Gose in Lamar Co., Book 4, page 309.

[4.7] Stephen William Gose

Stephen was born in Wirtville, Virginia, June 4, 1859. Stephen was the son of George R. and Mary Maddaline Gose. He moved with his parents to Lamar County, Texas when just a baby. He married Mary C. Hamblen, May 14, 1884, in Grayson County, Texas. Mary was born November 13, 1855 in Berry County, Missouri. She was the daughter of Pleasant W. and Lucinda Hamblen. She moved with her family back to Franklin County, Arkansas in 1859. The family had formerly lived there. Mary's grandparents, both the Hamblens and Ransomes still lived there. During the Civil War the family moved back to Missouri, but by 1866 the resettled in Johnson County, Arkansas. In 1877 the family moved to Texas and settled in the Honey Grove area of Fannin County.

Oral family history tells us that Stephen was a gambler. It is said that he would take trips to Kentucky and some-times come back with a pocket full of money, and sometimes he would come back broke. But he always came back. Stephen and Mary lived in Honey Grove, Texas. They were Methodists.

Before her death Mary left the following note to her son, Frank Hamblen Gose:

"To serve God is good. To serve man is a sin. No one can serve two masters. We should love one another and serve the Lord. God is love. The human heart is easy hurt. You can step on the earth and it will rise again. When the heart is bruised it only makes one step nearer to our graves. I may never mingle with friends again, but when I am dead let no one but clean hands touch me and lay me away in white. Keep my body three days after death. I hope all the good people will come and take part in the ceremonies. My God bless all who may come. As ever, your mother." (signed) Mary C. Gose...

Stephen W. Gose died 8 Apr 1926, and is buried in the Hickory Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Texas.. Mary C. (Hamblen) Gose died on 27 Dec 1941. She is buried in the West Hills Cemetery, Sherman, Texas beside her brother, William Franklin Hamblen. Mary and Stephen had one son: Frank Hamblen Gose b. 25 Mar 1894.

[4.8] James V. Gose

James was born 29 Mar 1862, in Lamar County, Texas. His obituary contains the only information we have about him.

Monday, April 15, 1946: 'James V. Gose, 84, who lived south of Noble community, died at the home there of a nephew, Joe Burnett, Monday at 12:27 a.m. The funeral, Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock was arranged to be held at Hickory Grove Cemetery, Jones and Brumit, funeral directors at Honey Grove making interment.

Mr. Gose, born in Harmon Community, March 29, 1862, son of George R. and Mary M. Gose, married Miss Nannie J. Hogue, Dec. 11, 1890, and her death occurred Dec. 12, 1938. They had no children, but reared a niece, the late Miss Fern Cornelius, and a nephew, Bert Cornelius, who arrived about two weeks ago from Petersburg, Alaska, to visit his uncle. Survivors include 20 nieces and nephews.' On the same stone with Nannie J. Gose (THE PARIS NEWS).

Sovina O. Gose

Spouse: W. D. Barnett

Date: 28 Nov 1882

B/G: Bride

County and State: Lamar Co. TX

Sources: Information from Mary Posey Tallant, 19 Jan 1999, 3240 Robin Rd., Paris, TX 75460; from an undated-unnamed newspaper obituary clipping from 'The Paris Scrapbook' donated by Skipper Steely; from Larry A. Hamblen, Our Hamblen Heritage; A. W. Neville, Backward Glances.

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