Genealogy Report

Descendants of Anthony McCuistion

Generation One

1. Anthony1 McCuistion was born 20 Oct 1800 in Martinsville, Guilford Co., North Carolina (According to Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas, 1889, published by F. A. Battey and Company of Chicago, Anthony McCuistion was born in Bedford county, Tennessee1,2). He was the son of (James McCuiston 1758-1826) and Jean Nicholson (1767-1852). He first married Nancy Pollett Winnsett on 26 Jun 1827 in Bedford Co., TN; after her death he married Margaret Caroline Abels on 15 Apr 1865 in Lamar Co., TX. Anthony died 7 Jun 1881 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 80 and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.

From Loose Leaves of the History of Lamar County, Thursday, August 11, 1921:

Anthony McCuistion

The subject of this sketch was a descendant from Scotch ancestors who under religious persecutions were compelled to leave their native land and take refuge in the north of Ireland. In 1735 his grandfather [Thomas McCuistion (1731-1783)] landed at Castle Garden and made his first permanent settlement in Westmorland County, Pa. In 1753, or thereabouts, the family moved to North Carolina and settled near Gilford Courthouse at old Martinsville. Here they lived during the Revolutionary War -- here his grandmother [Ann Moody McCuisiton (1732-1819)] was arrested and tried for defying the British authorities but was acquitted probably more on account of being a woman than for any other reason. Her defiant attitude, however, was not forgotten by the British. The battle of Gilford Courthouse was fought in close proximity to the McCuistion home and upon the farmstead land. Lord Cornwallis occupied the McCuistion home as his headquarters but graciously permitted the defiant and rebellious Mrs. McCuistion to occupy the smokehouse. While defiant to the British she was obedient to the Lord. When the opening guns of the battle reached her ears she retreated to the home of a neighbor about a half a mile distant where a group of women and children had gathered for safety. She called them to their knees, and all else but prayer and supplication was forgotten for the entire day.

In 1803 the family, now grown up sons and daughters with families, moved to Tennessee.

Anthony McCuistion, while born in North Carolina, was principally reared in Tennessee. He married there at old Shelbyville or near there in 1826. He was for some years before his marriage a deputy sheriff, having jurisdiction over a large district in West Tennessee. His political experience had given him acquaintance and friends for one of whom he became surety on an official bond; the official defaulted and Anthony was force to sell six likely negroes and all other holdings, including his home to make good the defalcation. Being practically penniless he gathered all together which was three horses and a wagon and took his journey into a far country. He landed in Ray County, Missouri in the latter part of 1829. Here he lived ten years. He participated in both the Black Hawk and Mormon wars, holding the rank of Major of Militia in both. In 1839 he and his oldest brother came to Texas with a drove of horses and mules, the more direct purpose of the trip, however, being to see the country with a view of removing to it. The horses and mules were more readily salable in Louisiana to which section they directed their drove and disposed of them profitably, but they saw only a small section of Texas. Their inquiries, however, led them select San Antonio as the point at or at least toward which they would pitch their tents when they returned. Anthony sold out his farm and mill upon his return to Missouri, but his brother was not able to sell so readily. After waiting for a time Anthony loaded his belongings into two wagons, helped his wife and children in, popped his whip, whistled for his dog, and the journey to Texas was begun. They came alone except that from time to time they fell in with one or sometimes more prairie schooners with whom they traveled for a shorter or longer period. He came from Missouri to Fort Smith and thence down the old military road, crossing Red River at old Jonesboro. Still having San Antonio in mind as a point of destination he came on up the old Nation highway in the direction of what is now Paris. Here he met by purest accident Col. John Harmon whom he had known as a neighbor in Tennessee. At the earnest entreaties of Col. John Harmon he turned aside from his original purpose and settled on the adjacent headright just west of his old Tennessee friend and neighbor. There he spent the balance of his life dying on the 7th day of June, 1881, having been a resident at the time of his death for a little more than forty years.

Anthony McCuistion was a typical frontiersman-fairly well educated, rugged as a boulder, rather inclined to be harsh in speech. He was a man of superb physical strength. It was one of his boasts that his knuckles were never buried in the mud under a handstick. In his early life he was as wicked as the devil wanted him to be, but after he passed middle life he turned his attention to things devout. After conversion he joined the Old School Presbyterians. He was identified with the church at Clarksville. As a member of this sect he was a stickler, for all their tenets implied.

He, together with both his first and second wife and a number of descendants, now sleep in the old graveyard at Shady Grove.3

He immigrated after 1830 to MO. He immigrated in Nov 1841 to Lamar Co., TX. Anthony McCuistion received a Class 4 Conditional Certifcate #106 on 6 Dec 1841. He received 640 acres and is listed as emigrating in Nov 1841. Witnesses were Daniel L. Myers and William F. Cook.4

Nancy Pollett Winnsett, the first wife of Anthony McCuistion was born on 25 Mar 1808 in Wilson Co., TN. She died on 13 Mar 1863 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 54.

Children of Anthony1 McCuistion and Nancy Pollett Winnsett were as follows:

Margaret Caroline Abels, Anthony's second wife, was married first to (?) Abels. She was born on 21 Dec 1826. She died on 17 Dec 1903 at age 76, and was buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX. .

There were no children of Anthony1 McCuistion and Margaret Caroline Abels. She had two children by her first marriage -- Martha A. and Mary A. Abels.

Generation Two

2. Mitchell Henderson2 McCuistion (Anthony1) was born 7 Aug 1828 in Bedford Co., TN. He first married Margaret Johnson on 24 Dec 1850 in Lamar Co., TX; after her death, he married Nancy Johnson Holbrook Moore on 15 Jul 1866 in Lamar Co., TX. He died 11 Jun 1897 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 68, and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX; .

He enlisted in the Confederate army, Company K, Ninth Texas infantry and served with the Army of the Tennessee. He was in the engagements at Holly Springs, Mississippi, and at Vicksburg, Chickamauga. He was with a series of fights down to Jonesboro, Georgia and afterwards on Hood's raid into Tennessee. When his army was slaughtered at Franklin and dispersed, M.H. McCuistion's command made its way into Alabama, where he surrendered. He refused all promotion while in the service, but frequently acted as lieutenant, commissary and quartermaster in 1862 in Confederate Army.

Margaret Johnson, Mitchell Henderson McCuistion's first wife, was born on 11 May 1832 in Hardeman Co., TN, the daughter of James Johnson and Mary Chisum. She died on 20 Apr 1862 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 29.8,9 She was buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.10

From Loose Leaves of the History of Lamar County, Wednesday, June 29, 1921:

A Bloody Crime

On the 20th day of April, 1862, eight miles southeast of Paris, near the old Jefferson road, was committed a dark and bloody crime.

Margaret McCuistion, who was a daughter of John Johnson, one of the earliest settlers of Lamar County and the wife of M. H. McCuistion, a well known citizen and Confederate soldier, was the victim. Her murderer was one of her own slaves.

Mrs. McCuistion had gone to the home of her father-in-law, A. McCuistion, who lived about a mile from her home. The slave who killed her was really an outlaw, behaved nicely when her husband was at home but gave her a great deal of trouble while her husband was off in the war. This particular slave had been requested to saddle her horse for her when she was ready to go. It was then, if not earlier, that he determined to kill her. He put a nail instead of the tongue of the buckle through the girth of the saddle that he might easily pull her from her horse. He then hid behind a tree at the roadside, and as she came by on her return journey he seized her horse and at the same time pulled her from the horse and killed her.

The slave was a very robust negro, while Mrs. McCuistion was of medium size, good health and about 30 years old. The ground at the scene of the crime bore unmistakable evidence of a terrific battle.

She escaped from him more than once but without any kind of a weapon of defense easily fell prey to him again before she could get more than a few yards away. Her head was beat until her skull was crushed all to pieces, and then her throat was cut from ear to ear. Her lifeless body was found by "Uncle Dan," an old slave of Anthony McCuistion, within an our after the crime was committed.

Suspicion rested upon the slave, Rube, from the beginning and he was taken in to custody the following morning. By that time there had gathered about two hundred men; this number was further augmented to about two hundred and sixty at 2 o'clock, when a vote was taken as to what should be done with the culprit. Of the two hundred and sixty votes polled two hundred and fifty-eight voted to burn him then and there; the two, R. J. Patton and Norvell Beauchamp, the sheriff, voted to let the law take its course. The majority was so overwhelming that the negro was at once moved to the scene of his crime about a half mile distant and was chained and wood was piled about him and thus was executed, so far as known, the first victim of mob violence in Lamar County. He made full confession when about to be executed, told where the club and knife were hidden; these were found as he said-thus fastening his guilt with such certainty that no one was longer in doubt. He also told of the desperate struggle which the poor woman made for her life, and the shocking cruelty of the death he inflicted upon her.7

Children of Mitchell Henderson2 McCuistion and Margaret Johnson all born in Lamar Co., TX, were as follows:

Nancy Johnson Holbrook, the second wife of Mitchell Henderson McCuistion, first married Stephen Louis I. Moore, son of Leven Vinson Moore and Elizabeth Williams, in 1861.14 She is a native of Tennessee, born on 7 Oct 1840. She died on 17 May 1918 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 77.

Children of Mitchell Henderson2 McCuistion and Nancy Johnson Holbrook all born in Lamar Co., TX, were as follows:

4. Benjamin Franklin2 McCuistion (Anthony1) was born 8 Aug 1835 in Ray Co., MO. He first married Mary Fulton on 24 Jun 1856 in Lamar Co., TX;18 After her death, he married Martha A. Abels, daughter of Margaret Caroline Abels, on 8 Mar 1866.19 He died 11 Feb 1870 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 34, from pneumonia; and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.20

Mary Fulton was born on 2 Mar 1842. She died on 21 Jul 1865 at age 23.

Children of Benjamin Franklin2 McCuistion and Mary Fulton were as follows:

Children of Benjamin Franklin2 McCuistion and Martha A. Abels both born in Lamar Co., TX, were as follows:

Edited from Deaths, Murders and Other Tribulations: "Dr. B. F. McCuistion, a prominent physician of Paris was shot and instantly killed last Friday by A. W. McComas, a contractor and builder. The tragedy occurred in a saloon and deceased was standing at the bar to get a drink when McComas came in with a shot gun and began shooting. McCuistion lived only a few minutes. There are conflicting rumors concerning the origin of the trouble. McComas claims that Dr. McCuistion had made indecent proposals to his daughter; friends of McCuistion claim that the doctor was killed because he was an important witness against McComas in a divorce trial, Mccomas and his wife having separated." (Honey Grove Signal - March 7, 1902).24

6. Bedford Lane2 McCuistion (Anthony1) was born 16 Jul 1840 in Ray Co., MO; married Martha Henrietta Wright on 2 Aug 1868 in Lamar Co., TX;25 died 10 Jun 1917 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 76; and was buried 11 Jun 1917 in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.26

Martha Henrietta Wright was born on 19 Nov 1848. She died on 31 Jul 1932 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 83, at the home of her daughter, Constance. Martha had Bronchitis.27

Children of Bedford Lane2 McCuistion and Martha Henrietta Wright were as follows:

Constance was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.32

7. Harrison Montgomery2 McCuistion (Anthony1) was born 14 Mar 1847 in Lamar Co., TX; married Mary A. Abels, daughter of Margaret Caroline Abels, on 1 Feb 1867 in Lamar Co., TX;33 died 29 Nov 1916 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 69; and was buried 30 Nov 1916 in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

He served his precinct as Justice of the Peace eight years, and has taken an active interest in all questions of public concern. He served the last year of the war in Company I, First Texas Cavalry, but was never in a general engagement in 1865 in Civil War.35

Mary A. Abels was born in Jun 1847. She died on 1 Sep 1933 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 86.

Children of Harrison Montgomery2 McCuistion and Mary A. Abels were as follows:

He was educated in 1889 in Kentucky School of Medicine, Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY; M.D.

Generation Three

8. Milton Horace3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 9 Oct 1851 in Lamar Co., TX ; married Anna Pettus; died 16 Mar 1892 at age 40.

Children of Milton Horace3 McCuistion and Anna Pettus were:

9. Dr. Thomas Clinton3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 1 Aug 1853 in Lamar Co., TX; married Nannie Matilda Colbert on 21 Dec 1876 in Lamar Co., TX;41; died 21 Jun 1878 in Chicota, Lamar Co., TX, at age 24; and is buried in Forest Chapel Cemetery, Forest Chapel, Lamar Co., TX.

Nannie Matilda Colbert died on 10 Oct 1907.

Children of Dr. Thomas Clinton3 McCuistion and Nannie Matilda Colbert were:

10. Cora Ellen3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 7 May 1855 in Lamar Co., TX; married Robert W. Hutton 20 May 1874 in Lamar Co., TX;43 died 31 Dec 1933 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 78; buried 1 Jan 1934 in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.44

The Paris Morning News', Friday 5 January 1934: "Funeral services were held here Monday afternoon for Mrs. Cora Hutton, 78 years old, widow of Robert Hutton who died many years ago. The service, conducted by Rev. P. F. Herndon, minister of first Christian church and Rev. Luther Rees of the Congregational church, was held at her late residence, 159 North Twenty-eighth street. She was buried beside her husband at Shady Grove cemetery. Daughter of the late M. H. McCuistion, one-time member of the Texas legislature, she was born and reared in Lamar county. she is survived by two sons, John Mitch Hutton of Joplin, Mo., and James Robert Hutton who lives near Paris; a sister, Mrs. W. H. Holbrook of Dallas and three half-sisters, Mrs. Sam DeWeese of Reno, Mrs. Ross Braden, south of Paris and Mrs. Etta DeWeese of Hugo."

Robert W. Hutton was born on 17 Dec 1850. He died on 22 May 1888 at age 37, and is buried in Shady Grove Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.45

Children of Cora Ellen3 McCuistion and Robert W. Hutton were as follows:

13. Martha Leona3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 10 Feb 1861 in Lamar Co., TX; married William S. Holbrook 20 Nov 1883.51

William S. Holbrook was born on 15 Jan 1859. He died on 8 May 1915 at age 56.

Children of Martha Leona3 McCuistion and William S. Holbrook were as follows:

14. Laura Albina3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 18 Aug 1867 in Lamar Co., TX; married Samuel J. DeWeese on 15 Nov 1887 in Lamar Co., TX;54 died 20 Nov 1949 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 82;55 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX;

Samuel J. DeWeese was born on 5 Aug 1862.56 He died on 6 Aug 1936 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 74.57 He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.58

Children of Laura Albina3 McCuistion and Samuel J. DeWeese were:

15. Dr. Watt Greer3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 17 Apr 1869 in Lamar Co., TX; married Lillie Turner, daughter of Francis Marion Turner and Mary Caroline Moore, 31 Mar 1892 in Lamar Co., TX;63 died 10 May 1920 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 51.

Lillie Turner was born on 17 Feb 1873.64 She died on 8 Feb 1948 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 74.65She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.66

Children of Dr. Watt Greer3 McCuistion and Lillie Turner were as follows:

16. Nannie Etta3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 15 Feb 1872 in Lamar Co., TX; married James T. DeWeese in Oct 1898 in Lamar Co., TX;71 James T. DeWeese filed for divorce from Nannie Etta McCuistion

Children of Nannie Etta3 McCuistion and James T. DeWeese were:

17. George Deed3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 28 Oct 1878 in Lamar Co., TX ; married Dolly Coulter; died 22 Jun 1928 in Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX, at age 49.

He was in the Spanish War. George Deed was named 'Deed' after his father's captain, Deed Ridley, in the Civil War.73

Children of George Deed3 McCuistion and Dolly Coulter were as follows:

20. Sara Octavia3 McCuistion (Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 17 Oct 1884 in Lamar Co., TX; married Ross Lawrence Braden on 17 Jan 1915 in Lamar Co., TX; died 16 Nov 1962 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 78.74

Children of Sara Octavia3 McCuistion and Ross Lawrence Braden were:

28. Minnie Belle3 McCuistion (Bedford2, Anthony1) was born 19 Jan 1873 in Lamar Co., TX; married J. Sidney Buford, son of Simeon Buford and Frances M. Cofer, 19 Jan 1893 in Lamar Co., TX;76 died 5 Oct 1927 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 54; buried 9 Oct 1927 in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.77

J. Sidney Buford was born in 1865.78 He died in 1936 in Lamar Co., TX.79 He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.80

Children of Minnie Belle3 McCuistion and J. Sidney Buford were as follows:

34. Edward Hall3 McCuistion (Harrison2, Anthony1); married Eva B. Regenold 7 Aug 1894 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX;87 died 26 Jul 1946 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 78;88 buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

He was elected Mayor of Paris 1906, and remained for twelve years. He was educated in Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY; Southern Normal School and business college. He was educated in Law at the University of Texas. He was Mayor for twelve years and made an enviable record. In that time he found homes for nearly one hundred orphan children, wrote articles on sanitation; which were considered authority in that line in Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

The Paris News, 26 Jul 1946, p. 1: "Edward Hall "Ed" McCuistion was born southeast of Paris, on September 3, 1867, the son of Harrison and Mary McCuistion, members of pioneer Lamar County families. He married Miss Eva Regenold of Mt. Pleasant. They had the following children, Dr. W. R. McCuistion, Aletha McCuistion, Dr. H. M. McCuistion, and Erin M. McCuistion Floyd. He was the brother of Dr. L. P. McCuistion, Dr. W. W. McCuistion and Mrs. Scott Galbreath. He died in Paris on July 26, 1946, and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery beside his wife. He said of himself that he was 'lawyer by profession, merchant by occupation, and banker by accident,' but he was also a civic leader of the first rank, a good Samaritan always and a Bible teacher of unquestioned ability. Mr. McCuistion was mayor of Paris from 1908 to 1918, the last two years by request of the citizens who realized the need for his leadership in rebuilding Paris after the disastrous 1916 fire. He had already gained wide recognition for the city through the establishment of the Paris Municipal abattoir in 1909, said to be the first city-operated institution of its kind in the country. He organized the Liberty National Bank and was its president 17 years, retiring simultaneously from this position and that of city treasurer, Dec. 31, 1941. Until Dec. 30, 1945, he continued to write for The Paris News the weekly Bible talks, published continuously since 1922, considered one of the most widely-read features the paper ever used. Two years earlier than the first Bible talks were printed, however, he had begun to write for the News, a series, 'Loose Leaves of Lamar County History,' compiled from various sources, including his personal acquaintance with many of the pioneer families of this section. [It is these valuable historical articles that Betsy Mills compiled and published in 1995.] Mr. McCuistion and his wife, before Paris had any organized social welfare work, took into their own home numerous orphan boys, whom they helped to rear to creditable citizenship. His work as a member of the Frist Methodist Church included many offices besides that of Bible class teacher. He was a member of the Masonic order, including the Knights Templar. As a youth, he attended the old Paris Military Academy here, Southern Normal School and Business College in Bowling Green, Ky., and the University of Texas. He returned after his schooling to Pattonville vicinity, near the homestead where his grandfather had settled in 1840. His father, a descendant of the Scotish clan McDonald, had married Miss Mary Ables, daughter of another early-day settler of the county, and lived many years at the old homeplace, nine miles southeast of Paris. Here Ed McCuistion practiced law, operated a mercantile business and a country bank, and expanded his farming operations. The latter afterward developed into the McCuistion Brothers Jersey Farm, pioneer in raising purebred dairy animals. Then in 1903, under the late B. B. Sturgeon, he became assistant county attorney, and subsequently acquired an interest in a drug store in Paris. In 1905, he was elected alderman for Third Ward, succeeding the late John T. Webster who had resigned, and the following year, was elected mayor. During his administrations he led not only in the establishment of the municipal abattoir, but in conversion of the volunteer fire dept. into a city-paid unit, and in the extension of water and sewer service and street improvements. He had announced he would not be a candidate for re-election as mayor in 1916, when the fire swept the city from one end to the other, but was prevailed upon to accept the nomination again without opposition. At the end of that term, with Paris' rehabilitation effected, he turned his attention to personal business and World War I civilian activities. He later served a term as president of the Chamber of Commerce, and in 1925, was called upon to aid in reorganization of the old City National Bank as the Liberty National Bank and served as its president from that time until his resignation Jan. 1, 1942. The ill health which necessitated his retirement at that time had confined him to his home since then, until his condition grew worse and he was taken to the Sanitarium some time ago."

Eva B. Regenold was born on 19 Dec 1871 in Mt. Pleasant, TN. She died on 18 Dec 1960 in Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, at age 88, and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX..

Children of Edward Hall3 McCuistion and Eva B. Regenold were as follows:

He was graduated in Jun 1927 from Tulane University, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

The Paris News, 9 February 1959: "Miss Aletha McCuistion, daughter of Mrs. Ed H. McCuistion and the late Mayor McCuistion of Paris, died Monday at 4 a.m. in a Fort Worth hospital, after a week's serious illness. She was dean of girls at W. C. Stripling High School in Fort Worth, where she taught a number of years. The funeral will be held in Paris sometime Wedness afternoon, Fry and Gibbs Funeral Home being in charge of arrangements. Surviving besides her mother are two brothers, Dr. W. R. McCuistion, Fort Worth and Dr. H. M. McCuistion, Sioux City, Iowa; four nieces and two nephews. Born in Paris, 12 Jun 1907, Aletha McCuistion was a daughter of Ed H. and Eva (Regenold) McCuistion, and was a member of First Methodist Church here. Her father was an outstanding civic leader of Paris, a longtime banker and business man, noted as a local historian and as a Bible teacher. After graduation from Paris High School, Miss McCuistion attended Texas Woman's University, then Texas State college for Women in Denton, where she received her AB and BS degrees, her master of arts degree being conferred by Texas Christian University, Fort Worth. She had also done extensive work in the field of guidance and counseling. she was a Member of the Principals and Vice-Principals Association; Council of Administrative Women, the Texas State Teachers Association and National Education Association.' 'The Paris News, 10 February 1959.' 'Service for Miss Aletha McCuistion, daughter of Mrs. Ed. H. McCuistion and the late Mayor McCuistion of Paris, will be held Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at Fry-Gibbs chapel and burial made in Evergreen Cemetery. The Rev. John Shuler of First Methodist Church, where Miss McCuistion was a member, will officiate and pallbearers will be R. C. (Bob) Nelson, Irwin McClanahan, Gilbert Cecil, Paul Crawford, Carl McWherter and James Ferguson. Miss McCuistion, born and reared in Paris, had taught school a number of years in Ft. Worth and had been dean of girls at W. C. Stripling High School some time before her death early Monday;"89

36. Dr. William Walter3 McCuistion (Harrison2, Anthony1) was born 30 Dec 1873 in Marvin, Lamar Co., TX; married Susan Maydwell deGarmo 23 Dec 1895; he and Susan Maydwell deGarmo were divorced Dec 1909; married Katherine Clyde McKinney 19 Jun 1912 in Cooper, Delta Co., TX; died 7 Jul 1961 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 87;90buried 10 Jul 1961 in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

The Paris News, 7 Jul 1961: "Dr. Walter W. McCuistion, 905 Clarksville St., who had been a physician in this area 54 years when he retired, died Friday at 3:10 p.m. at the Sanitarium of Paris, after long illness. Descendant of a family which settled in Lamar County in 1839, he had been a member of the Sanitarium staff long headed by his brother, the L.P. (Pate) McCuistion, another brother being the late Ed H. McCuistion, veteran mayor of Paris. Surviving are his wife, the former Miss Klyde McKinney, whom he married at Cooper, 19 Jun 1912; a daughter, Miss Margie McCuistion, Washington, D.C., and a son, Dr. H.P. McCuistion, Alton, Ill.; one granddaughter and two great grandchildren, and one sister, Mrs. Scott Galbreath, Paris. Son of Harrison M. and Mary (Abels) McCuistion, William Walter McCuistion was born in Marvin community, 30 Dec 1873 [sic]. He attended schools at Pattonville and in Paris, and was graduated from medical school in Louisville, Ky. in 1894. He practiced for one year at Spencerville Academy in Oklahoma, then Indian Territory, and the following year, moved to Cooper. He came to Paris in 1909 and continued active professionally until his retirement in 1949. The funeral, Monday at 11 a.m. will be held at Fry and Gibbs chapel, and burial made in Evergreen."

Susan Maydwell deGarmo was born on 16 Sep 1878 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. She died in Sep 1937 in St. Louis, MO.

Children of Dr. William Walter3 McCuistion and Susan Maydwell deGarmo were as follows:

She received her M.A. Degree from the University of Arkansas. Margie received her B.S. degree from CIA, now Texas Women's College in 1925.

Katherine Clyde McKinney was born on 6 Apr 1886 in Holly Springs, MS.91 She died on 17 Aug 1984 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 98. She was buried on 20 Aug 1984 in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX,93 next to Dr. W. Walter McCuistion.92 She was nicknamed "Klyde".

Lamar County Echo, 23 Aug 1984: "Mrs. Katherine Clyde McCuistion, wife of the late Dr. Walter W. McCuistion, died Friday evening, 17 Aug 1984, at St. Joseph's Hospital. Funeral services were held Monday, 20 Aug., at the Fry & Gibbs Funeral Home, with the Rev. Chief Warden, pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Cooper officiating. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery. Mrs. McCuistion was born near Holly Springs, Miss., 6 Apr 1886, a daughter of the late Edward Jubilee McKinney and Elizabeth Ann Cooper McKinney. The family moved to Cooper in October of 1896. She married Dr. McCuistion 19 Jun 1912, in Cooper. She and her husband later moved to Paris. She has been living in Cooper for the past several years. She was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Paris. After moving to Cooper, she rejoined the First United Methodist Church there. Dr. McCuistion died 7 Jul 1961. Mrs. McCuistion was preceded in death by a stepson, Hubert McCuistion of Alton, Ill. She is survived by a brother, Edward J. McKinney of Cooper; several nieces, including Susie K. Albright of Cooper, Mary Bradley of Oklahoma City, Mary Fred Galvin of Austin, Park Anderson of Baytown, Nancy Joplin Jacquein of Harker Heights, Mrs. Bob Nelson of Paris and Mrs. F.I. McClanahan of Paris; and several nephews, including G.D. Albright of Cooper, Cameron McKinney of Tyler, John McKinney of Houston, Edward McKinney of Chicago, Ill., Hal Hooper McKinney of Dallas and Chester Junior McKinney, who resides in England."

There were no children of Dr. William Walter3 McCuistion and Katherine Clyde McKinney.

39. Lethe Margery3 McCuistion (Harrison2, Anthony1) was born 13 Jan 1880 in Lamar Co., TX. She first married James W. Moore on 23 Jan 1906; after his death she married Scott Randolph Galbreath on 25 Nov 1919; died 12 Jan 1976 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 95; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

James W. Moore was born on 15 Feb 1879 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX.94 He died on 6 Feb 1909 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX, at age 29.95 He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.96

Children of Lethe Margery3 McCuistion and James W. Moore were as follows:

Scott Randolph Galbreath, second husband of Lethe Margery McCuisition, was born on 13 Nov 1869.98 He first married Ammie Webster.97 He died on 16 Apr 1937 at age 67, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.99

There were no children of Lethe Margery3 McCuistion and Scott Randolph Galbreath.

Generation Four

41. Reginald Pettus4 McCuistion (Milton3, Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 20 Nov 1880 in Lamar Co., TX; married Hilda Bailey on 27 Jul 1911 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR.

Hilda Bailey was born on 10 Aug 1890.

Children of Reginald Pettus4 McCuistion and Hilda Bailey were:

42. Willie Leona4 McCuistion (Thomas3, Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 6 Oct 1877 in Lamar Co., TX; married Raymond E. Joyner on 7 Nov 1900.

Children of Willie Leona4 McCuistion and Raymond E. Joyner were as follows:

51. Margaret4 McCuistion (Watt3, Mitchell2, Anthony1) was born 8 Aug 1893;104 married Henry Scott "Watt?" Rheudasil in Sylvan, Lamar Co., TX (divorced); died 26 Jan 1961 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 67;105 buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

Henry Scott "Watt?" Rheudasil was born on 26 Aug 1887.106 He died on 31 Jan 1975 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 87.107 He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Lamar Co., TX.108

Children of Margaret4 McCuistion and Henry Scott "Watt?" Rheudasil were:

67. Dr. Walter Regenold4 McCuistion (Edward3, Harrison2, Anthony1) was born 23 Jan 1896 in Lamar Co., TX; married Helen McCoy 2 Jun 1919 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO; died 10 Nov 1975 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 79; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.112

He was a Doctor of Veterinary Medicin.e Walter R. owned the Mercy Dog and Cat Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas.

Helen McCoy was born on 31 Mar 1896 in Saline Co., MO. She died on 29 Jun 1984 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX, at age 88.114 She was buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.115

Children of Dr. Walter Regenold4 McCuistion and Helen McCoy were as follows:

69. Erin4 McCuistion (Edward3, Harrison2, Anthony1) was born 23 Nov 1898 in Paris, Lamar Co., TX; married Frank Hicks Floyd on 7 Mar; died 13 Jun 1950 in Lamar Co., TX, at age 51 1918; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar Co., TX.

Frank Hicks Floyd was born in Apr 1898.

Children of Erin4 McCuistion and Frank Hicks Floyd were:

72. Dr. Hubert Preston4 McCuistion (William3, Harrison2, Anthony1) was born 9 May 1899 in Cooper, Delta Co., TX. He first married Beulah Munger 30 Jun 1926 in Alton, Madison Co., IL; and then married Elisabeth Duncan 1 Jun 1949 in Alton, Madison Co., IL.

He received a B.S. Degree in 1921 in Virginia Military Institute. He received his M.D. Degree in 1925 from the School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

Beulah Munger was born on 22 Jan 1897 in Alton, Madison Co., IL.

Children of Dr. Hubert Preston4 McCuistion and Beulah Munger were as follows:

Elisabeth Duncan, second wife of Dr. Hubert Preston McCuistion, was born on 5 Jan 1899 in Alton, Madison Co., IL.

There were no children of Dr. Hubert Preston4 McCuistion and Elisabeth Duncan.



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