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By Ron Brothers

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Many of the cemeteries are listed on the Google map


Use the list below to go to old quadrant maps.

*A cemetery name followed by "B" is a predominately Black Cemetery.

*Quad numbers refer to block numbers on the map currently sold by the Lamar County Courthouse.

Cemetery NameAlternate NameLatitudeLongitudeCemetery LocationCemetery Pictures
AdamsAdamsNE QUAD 33
AntiochAntioch33.5462185-95.5088441SE QUAD 49Available
ArkansasArkansas33.571772-95.715517SW QUAD 46Available
Baptist BlackBaptist BlackNW QUAD 32
BaughmanBaughmanSW QUAD 53
Beaulah HillBeaulah Hill BUNKNOWN
Benevolent BlackBenevolent BlackNE QUAD 152
BethlehemBethlehem BlackSE QUAD 57
Biardstown BlackBiardstown Black33.5342743-95.4988437SE QUAD 57Available
BinnionBinnionSE QUAD 57
BledsoeBledsoeSW QUAD 52
BlossomKnights of Honor33.6556631-95.3688415SE QUAD 35
Blossom CityOld Blossom CitySE QUAD 35
Blossom BlackBlossom BlackSE QUAD 35
BrackeenBrackeen33.5812173-95.5938468SW QUAD 47Available
Bray-BryamBray-Bryam BlackNW QUAD 32
BroylesBroylesSW QUAD 52
BurchinalBurchinalSE QUAD 51
BurrisBurrisSE QUAD 59
Camp MaxeyCamp MaxeyNW QUAD 16
CampbellCampbell33.5912170-95.6188477SW QUAD 47Available
CaseyCasey33.7898261-95.5852374NW QUAD 16
CavinessCaviness33.7712141-95.6469058NW QUAD 15
Cedar HillCedar Hill33.6656606-95.5960698NW QUAD 164
ChicotaFrye/McAdamsNW QUAD 08
ChisumChisum33.6536444-95.5669417SW QUAD 203Available
ClardyClardySE QUAD 57
ClarkClarkNW QUAD 20
ClickClickSE QUAD 48
ComptonComptonSW QUAD 54
CornCorn33.7492727-95.441344NE QUAD 26
CottonwoodCottonwood33.7112133-95.7849653NW QUAD 29
CraddockCraddockNW QUAD 14
CraftCraftSE QUAD 64
CrowleyCrowleySW QUAD 47
CunninghamRestland CunninghamSE QUAD 64
DavisSpringhillNE QUAD 18
DennisDennisNW QUAD 06
DickieDickie33.5781611-95.6782938SW QUAD 46Available
DoyleBrackeenSW QUAD 47
Dozier FamilyDozier FamilyNW QUAD 07
DraperDraperNW QUAD 15
DurhamDurhamNE QUAD 26
East Post OakEast Post OakNE QUAD 27Available
EgyptEgypt B33.6759408-95.3632861NE QUAD 35
El BethelEl BethelNW QUAD 30Available
EmbersonSumnerNW QUAD 14
EvergreenEvergreen33.6409392-95.5521793SE QUAD 223Available
Fairland-LittlejohnFairland-Littlejohn33.6791194-95.5448889NE QUAD 152
Faith BlackFaith BlackSW QUAD 55Available
FaubianFaubianNE QUAD 32
ForbinFaubianNE QUAD 32
Forest ChapelForest Chapel33.8626333-95.5937611NW QUAD 07
Forest HillForest Hill33.6483083-95.8195333NW QUAD 36Available
FriendshipFriendship33.5258515-95.5073047SE QUAD 57Available
FriscoGordonNW QUAD 24
Frye/McAdamsFrye/McAdamsNW QUAD 08
GarnerGarner33.4923298-95.5802346SE QUAD 56
Garretts BluffGarretts Bluff33.867046-95.7196878NW QUAD 06Available
GeorgiaGeorgiaNW QUAD 20Available
Glory BlackGlory BlackUNKNOWN
GordonGordonNW QUAD 24
GoughGough33.5709385-95.7274618SW QUAD 45
GreenwoodGreenwood BlackNOT KNOWN
GriffinGriffinSW QUAD 53
GriffisGriffis33.6384414-95.3232847SE QUAD 43
HaleHaleSE QUAD 59
HardisonHardisonSE QUAD 42
HarmanHarmanSE QUAD 42
HarmonHarmonSW QUAD 52
HarrisHarrisSE QUAD 42
Haynes FamilyHaynes Family33.8814917-95.6382963NW QUAD 07
Hazel DellLee Hazel Dell33.4676084-95.5188438SE QUAD 61
Heavenly HillsHeavenly Hills BlackSE QUAD 41Available
HedspethOld MiltonSE QUAD 58
HendricksHendricks BlackNW QUAD 149
HepsbethOld MiltonSE QUAD 58
Hickory GroveHickory Grove33.5520497-95.8144089SW QUAD 44Available
Hickory Grove BlackHickory Grove BlackSW QUAD 44Available
HighlandHighland33.5406641-95.3430063SE QUAD 51
HoltGriffis33.6384414-95.3232847SE QUAD 43
Holy Cross ChurchHoly Cross ChurchSE QUAD 187
HopewellHopewellNW QUAD 31Available
HortonHortonSE QUAD 50
HowlandFaith BlackSW QUAD 55
Howland BlackFaith BlackSW QUAD 55
HuddleHuddleNW QUAD 31
HuffHuffSE QUAD 42
HulinHulinNW QUAD 12
JacksonJackson33.6964926-95.6655167NW QUAD 30Available
JamisonJamisonNE QUAD 18
JenkinsJenkinsSW QUAD 47
JewishJewish33.6628639-95.537775NE QUAD 189
JonesJonesSE QUAD 49
KillingsworthKillingsworth BlackSW QUAD 45Available
King BlackKing BlackSE QUAD 57
KitchensKitchensNE QUAD 12
Knights Of HonorKnights of Honor33.6556631-95.3688415SE QUAD 35
Lamar CountyLamar County33.6777917-95.5275167NE QUAD 32
LeachPrideNE QUAD 209
Lee ChicotaLee ChicotaNW QUAD 07
Lee Hazel DellLee Hazel Dell33.4676084-95.5188438SE QUAD 61Available
Lee RoxtonLee RoxtonSW QUAD 53
Little VineLittle Vine33.7328804-95.7027404NW QUAD 22Available
LittlejohnLittlejohn33.874826-95.5769051NW QUAD 08Available
LittlejohnFairland-LittlejohnNE QUAD 152
Lone OakLone OakSE QUAD 64
LongLong33.7764943-95.486623NE QUAD 17Available
MacedoniaMacedonia Black33.8828806-95.634685NW QUAD 07
MalloryMallory33.5639948-95.662182SW QUAD 46
MayoKillingsworth BlackSW QUAD 45
McDonaldMcDonald33.5217737-95.6024577SW QUAD 55Available
McDonald BlackMcDonald BlackSW QUAD 55Available
McDonnaMcDonna BlackNE QUAD 10
McElledgeClardySE QUAD 58
McEwinMcEwin33.7601038-95.5949595NW QUAD 23
McGlassonMcGlasson33.5187176-95.6860712SW QUAD 54Available
MeadowbrookMeadowbrook33.6334401-95.4716215SE QUAD 41
MiltonMiltonSE QUAD 59Available
MinterMinter33.4712201-95.403285SE QUAD 63Available
Minter FamilyRazor BlackNW QUAD 07
Mitchell FamilyMitchell FamilyPRIVATE
MoonLee RoxtonSW QUAD 53
Moore's SpringMoore's Spring33.6517731-95.4874553SE QUAD 41Available
MorganOld ShilohNE QUAD 30
MoselyMoselyNE QUAD 17-19
Moss Family RanchMoss Family RanchPRIVATE
Mt. OliveMt. OliveNE QUAD 33
Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant33.5381641-95.3410617SE QUAD 59Available
Mt. TaborMt. TaborNW QUAD 23
Mt. VernonMt. VernonNW QUAD 21Available
NeatheryNeathery33.5848293-95.4838437SE QUAD 49
New BethelNew Bethel Black33.7626054-95.490234NE QUAD 25
New Dora BlackNew Dora Black33.5089964-95.5444005SE QUAD 56
NewbetherNew Bethel Black33.7626054-95.490234NE QUAD 25
NixonNixonNW QUAD 29Available
Oak HillOak Hill Black33.850383-95.4796793NE QUAD 09
Oak RidgeOld DentonSW QUAD 45
Odd FellowOdd Fellow33.6632583-95.5384611NE QUAD 189Available
Old Blossom CityOld Blossom CitySE QUAD 35Available
Old CityOld City33.6649972-95.5606889NW QUAD 186Available
Old DentonOld Denton33.5456613-95.7310727SW QUAD 45Available
Old DeportOld DeportSE QUAD 59Available
Old MiltonOld MiltonSE QUAD 58
Old Mt. PleasantOld Mt. PleasantNE QUAD 33
Old ShilohOld ShilohNW QUAD 30
Old SoulsOld SoulsSE QUAD 59
Orange FamilyOrange FamilyPRIVATE
Ousley HillOusley HillNE QUAD 10
OverstreetOverstreetNW QUAD 22
PalestinePalestine BlackNE QUAD 11
PerrymanMt. VernonNW QUAD 21
Pest HousePest HouseNW QUAD 150
PickeringPickeringSE QUAD 62
PilandPilandSW QUAD 52
Pine HillPine HillUNKNOWN
PinhookPinhookNE QUAD 19Available
Pleasant HillPleasant HillSW QUAD 37Available
Plummer FamilyPlummer FamilyPRIVATE
PorterRazor BlackNW QUAD 07
Powell BlackPowell BlackSE QUAD 49
Prairie RidgePrairie Ridge33.7484364-95.647461NE QUAD 23Available
PresbyterianPresbyterianNW QUAD 08Available
Price GloryPrice GlorySE QUAD 56
PridePrideNE QUAD 209
ProvidenceProvidenceNE QUAD 33
PylesPyles33.7823235-95.7838553NW QUAD 13
RazorRazor BlackNW QUAD 07
RecordSee notesNE QUAD 16
Red HillRed Hill33.8508306-95.4817361NE QUAD 09Available
Red OakRed Oak33.6792746-95.3207851NE QUAD 35Available
Reeds ChapelReeds Chapel BlackNE QUAD 10
Reed's PrairieReed's Prairie BlackNE QUAD 24
ReidHaynes Family33.8814917-95.6382963NW QUAD 07
Reno BlackReno BlackNE QUAD 33
RestlandRestland Roxton33.5403836-95.7313505SW QUAD 45
Restland CunninghamRestland Cunningham33.4242768-95.350783SE QUAD 63
RestlawnRestlawn Black33.7256605-95.5477354NE QUAD 24
RiceRice33.5953834-95.638015SW QUAD 47
Rich HillRich Hill BlackNW QUAD 16
RichardRichardNE QUAD 26
RichardsonOld CityNW QUAD 186
RobinsonRobinsonSW QUAD 38
RockfordRockfordSE QUAD 57Available
Rocky FordRocky Ford Black33.5473277-95.742462SW QUAD 45Available
RogersRogersSW QUAD 47
Roland #1Roland #1SE QUAD 42
Roland #2Roland #2SE QUAD 42
Rollerson BlackFaith BlackSW QUAD 55
Saffold HillSaffold HillNE QUAD 25
Shady GroveShady Grove33.5683528-95.430525SE QUAD 50Available
Shady Grove BlackShady Grove Black33.5683528-95.430525SE QUAD 50Available
Shiloh BlackShiloh BlackNW QUAD 30Available
SikesDurham33.7376062-95.4357882NE QUAD 26
Silver CrossSilver CrossNE QUAD 32
Skidmore #1Skidmore #1SE QUAD 42
Skidmore #2Skidmore #2SW QUAD 56-57
Skidmore #3Skidmore #3SE QUAD 34
SlabtownWright33.4642751-95.5332887SE QUAD 61
SpringhillSpringhill33.7909395-95.4063438NE QUAD 18Available
Springhill BlackSpringhill BlackNE QUAD 18
StarkvilleStarkvilleSE QUAD 43
StelltownStelltownNOT KNOWN
StrotherStrotherNW QUAD 29Available
SumnerSumner33.772325-95.6610729NW QUAD 14
Sumner AcademyPrairie RidgeNE QUAD 23
SylvanSylvanSE QUAD 42Available
TaylortownTaylortownSE QUAD 62Available
TerrellTerrellNW QUAD 06
Thicket BlackThicket BlackNOT KNOWN
ThomasThomasSE QUAD 39-40
TigertownTigertownNW QUAD 28Available
TinninTinninNE QUAD 09
ToppingsToppings33.5339951-95.6802378SW QUAD 54Available
UnionTaylortownSE QUAD 62
Union GroveUnion Grove33.6637175-95.4743996NE QUAD 33Available
Walnut RidgeWalnut RidgeNOT KNOWN
West HavenWest HavenNW QUAD
West Post OakWest Post Oak33.8139908-95.7149644NW QUAD 14
WhittenburgWhittenburg33.4831622-95.8424645SW QUAD 52
WilliamsWilliams BlackNW QUAD 30
WilsonWilsonNE QUAD 27
WoodWoodSW QUAD 53-54
WoodardWoodard33.4609426-95.3666172SE QUAD 64Available
WooldridgeWooldridgeSW QUAD 47
WorthingtonWorthingtonSE QUAD 63
WrightWright33.4642751-95.5332887SE QUAD 61Available
Wright-HillWright-HillNW QUAD 29
Wright's ChapelWright's ChapelSE QUAD 51

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