Debra's Best Free Websites for Genealogy Research

Debra's Best Free Websites for Genealogy Research

FOR PARIS, LAMAR COUNTY, TEXAS RESEARCH: Here you will find the official Lamar County Genealogical Website. It has many collections of records and information to browse through for researching your ancestors. Choose from marriage records, death and cemetery records database, census records, biographies, land records and historical information about the city of Paris, Texas and the Lamar County area itself. We ARE working on a “Member’s only” area with special information that only up-to-date paid Lamar Co. Genealogical Society Members get to look at. So if you are interested in that, please get in your membership form and dues payment as soon as possible for the New Year!! For your convience, a membership form is provided under the Society Information section on this website. You can download or print out the form to mail to us OR you can NOW even pay for publications AND membership dues by Pay-Pal!! FREE SITE!! This site is included in the above site by way of a link. This site belongs to one of our members, Mary Hall Ferguson who is taking pictures of tombstones in Lamar County. She has not completed ALL cemeteries in the county…yet! After you look at her cemetery pictures, please sign her guest book, thanking her for her hard work. Also, if you want a copy of a tombstone picture, please be respectful and ask her if she minds you making a copy of it…FIRST.

AND if you plan on putting that picture on your ancestors memorial page at, PLEASE give her the credit for taking the picture AFTER you ask her permission to do so!! FREE SITE!! This is the OFFICIAL Lamar County, Texas courthouse website. There is a link to judicial records. This is a good place to start if you are researching criminal, civil, justice of the peace, or sheriff’s records on someone. Criminal court records go back to 1987 and civil court records go back to 1994. If you need further more detailed information on those records you find, please contact the Lamar County District Clerk’s office at (903) 737-2427 FREE SITE!! This is the A.M. and Welma Aikin Regional Archives link through the Paris Junior College library website. The Aikin Archives are located in the North East front part of the Paris Junior College Library and serves both as a collection of archives from the Senator A.M. Aikin’s years of public service and as a State Depository official local government records of Red River, Delta, Fannin and Lamar Counties and for regional and local historical collections, such as:

*Manuscripts, documents, official publications.
*Private and family papers, letters, diaries, journals.
*Yearbooks, civic and business records, school and club records.
*Newspaper clippings, articles, books pertaining to or written by people in the region.
*Photographs, maps, and illustrative material showing streets, public buildings, homes, pioneer citizens, etc.

And inside the Paris Junior College Library itself, are microfilms of The Paris News, Lamar County Echo and other local newspaper publications. There are also microfilms of old tax rolls and census records from Lamar and other counties in Texas. These newspaper microfilms are useful in researching for obituaries. FREE INFORMATION SITE!! This is the Texas County Appraisal Districts Online Search for Lamar County, Texas. You can search for current property owners as well as what the property is currently appraised for, how much the yearly taxes on the property are, property values, taxing jurisdiction, any improvements and/or buildings that have been added to the property that has occurred, land type and description, roll value history, taxes due AND the LAST 3 DEED TRANSACTIONS between owners/sellers, with the record book and page number that the official deeds can be located. Those records are in the Lamar county clerk’s office in the Lamar county courthouse. Information from this site, can be downloaded to your computer or printed off for your records. The roll value history goes back to 1998 and the tax amount record goes back to 1997. The property information gives you the property id, the legal description including the original surveyors name, the geographical id, the type of property and the physical location of the property. Also lists the current property owner and their mailing address. FREE SITE!! This is the City of Paris City Registrar/Clerk’s office. The City Clerk has the task of recording and maintaining all the birth and death records that occur within the City of Paris. This gives you information on obtaining a death certificate or birth certificate, if your ancestor died or was born inside the Paris city limits. Sometimes, if you call them, they WILL look up a birth/death record to verify they do have it there. But the birth certificates MUST be fifty years old or older and the death certificates MUST be 25 years old or older. FREE INFORMATION SITE!!


Honey Grove: Honey Grove Signal Newspaper

Honey Grove Enterprise Newspaper


Dallas Express, Dallas Texas

The Dallas Express was a weekly African American newspaper published in Dallas. Issues from 1919-1924 (and one issue from 1900) are available on the Portal to Texas History In many issues there is information about activities of the black community in many counties, including Paris, Texas and surrounding Lamar Co. communities.

FOR THE OTHER COUNTIES OF TEXAS: This site is used to search for documents that have been recorded in the County Clerk's office in various counties. Users of this site must register to conduct document searches. Registration is free. As a registered user you will be able to search the index and view summary information about documents. Most counties require a fee to view the image of a document. After you log in, you may purchase images on a "document by document" basis or you may purchase a monthly subscription that allows you to view unlimited images from that county. Prices vary by county. The only accepted credit card types are Visa and MasterCard. Please note that there is an upper limit of $1000.00 worth of images per receipt. FREE REGISTRATION BUT HAVE TO PAY FOR DOCUMENTS!! Click on this link and choose a county in Texas, you need to research in. The TXGenWeb Project is a grass-roots all volunteer genealogical/historical effort. Each county webpage is commercial free and contains useful tips, online databases particular to that area, volunteer lookups, surname queries, descriptions of local libraries, historical background information, contact information, and much more. All information is FREE!! This is the Texas County Appraisal Districts Online site. Choose a county from their list to search for property owners, tax rolls, etc, like the link was for Lamar County, Texas. FREE!!!

FOR UNITED STATES: This is the research site that the Mormon church (LDS) have set up. You can search for Texas Death certificates, if the ancestor died in the State of Texas AND died between 1903–1976. You can search for “some” birth certificates of Texas. Other records available are old marriage license records for Arkansas, Social Security Death Index database, Federal Census records, and lots, lots more! They have images available. If there is a camera by the ancestor’s name, click on the camera. Then click on “See Image”. NOTICE: YOU MUST REGISTER FOR AN ID AND PASSWORD OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SEE THE IMAGES!!! Any images you run across, can be downloaded to your computer or printed off for FREE!!!


They also have available FREE software, that you can download to your hard drive. It is safe. The software works like Family Tree Maker, with templates to type in all your information. Then you can print out family group sheets or pedigrees as you need them. You can add notes and pictures. Very easy and very secure. You will find the software under PRODUCTS, after the home page has loaded, click on ABOUT, then you should see PRODUCTS as an option in the middle, under the picture. Cemeteries all over the United States where volunteers have made memorial pages to those buried in each cemetery. You can look for a certain cemetery or search for a person. You can register for an id and password, and be a volunteer for them by going to cemeteries in your area and taking tombstone pictures, for people who request them. You can add your ancestors to the cemetery they were buried in and put obits, death certificates, pictures of the person, etc. on it Find death indexes for different states. Missouri has some really good indices where you can get the death certificate. FREE!..BUT BECAREFUL WHAT YOU CLICK ON…SOME OF THE STATES HAVE LINKS TO PAY SITES. WWW.TSHAONLINE.ORG/HANDBOOK/ONLINE : Texas Handbook Online, where you can find some interesting information on different people and places that make up Texas.

FREE!! WWW.ARCHIVES.GOV : can look up people, places, things and even American Indian Dawes Final Rolls, to search for your ancestors. FREE!!



**World Connect Project, where you can see other family members posts with ancestor information. Use the ADVANCED SEARCH for better results. FREE!!!

** County Name Locator, where you can put in the town and state, to give you the county that the town is in. FREE!!!

**Blank Charts and Forms: You can print off or download copies of blank census forms, ancestral charts, family research forms, etc. FREE!!!

HERITAGEQUEST.COM: If you live in Lamar Co., you can go through the Paris Public Library portal to get into This is a site where you can do census research as well as publication research. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS LISTED BELOW. DO NOT TRY TO GO TO THE WWW.HERITAGEQUEST.COM SITE!! IT WON’T BE FREE ACCESS UNLESS YOU GO THROUGH THE PARIS PUBLIC LIBRARY PORTAL!! Free Dawes Roll Search, hundreds of Native American Indian census roll images. History of all the North American Indian tribes, as well as good information on each state in the Unite States, other great databases as well.


2. Look for e-resources and click on that (in the left side box).

3. Look for Texshare click on that

4. Should come up Discovery Texas with blank boxes to put in login and password

5. Enter the word (provided by the library)….JUST LIKE IT IS WITH CAPITAL LETTERS in the Login box

6. Enter the word (provided by the library)….JUST LIKE IT IS WITH CAPITAL LETTERS in the Password box.

7. Click on HeritageQuest Online

8. Search for the census.

Last Revised 12//20/2012 - New comprehensive search engine for surnames and locations worldwide. Created by the original founder of RootsWeb. FREE SITE!


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