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Taken from Loose Leaves of the History of Lamar County
Article appeared in The Paris News on Friday, May 20, 1921

Brown's History is the authority for the statement that Nathaniel W. Towns of Lamar county was made a brigadier general in the Confederate army near the close of the war. Who was Nathaniel W. Towns and what became of him?

Leven Moore came to Lamar county and made his final settlement on the 23rd day of November, 1836. He says that when he arrived there were sixteen families and four or five young men in what is now Lamar county. He never gave the names of these so far as we can find and the efforts of the Historical Society have for some years been directed toward a solution of this problem. Some of the old members of the society were of the opinion that even a greater number had arrived and settled by 1836 than Uncle Leven says but we were never able to complete a roster of even that number. Of those that we know were here the following names are given: John Emberson, John Johnson, Bob, William and Andy Patton. Some of those who were probably here were Carter Cliff who lived at the mouth of Bois d'arc, ____ Bracken, who lived near Howland, Col. John T. Harmon, Willard Stowell, _____ Neathery, _____ Rutherford, Samuel Fulton, Mathew Click and James Bridges.

In offering us assistance in the completion of this roll we hope our friends will not depend on memory alone if that can be avoided.

Memories are treacherous and when the intervening time is so long as it is in this case inaccuracies will creep into our records. But if nothing more tangible can be had we will be glad to receive data based on memory alone.

Our records only show two Indian raids within the bounds of Lamar county. One of these was made upon the first settlement established in the county at the mouth of Pine creek and the other upon a family who lived in the vicinity of the present thriving village of Minter. If there are others known to any of our old settlers we would be only too glad to have them reported to us. We are very anxious to receive and make permanent record of any or all facts that have historic value.

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