WATERLOO COURIER, Waterloo, Iowa, 5 Sep 1877, p. 2: "The Town of Paris, Tex., was nearly destroyed by fire a few days ago, ten blocks of business houses and dwellings being burned. Several lives are reported lost, and many families were rendered homeless. Loss estimated at over $1,000,000. The fire is said to have been started by a man named Taylor, who poured oil on a saloon floor and ignited it, remarking at the time that he would burn the town. He was arrested. Three hotels, the Post office and the telegraph and express offices were among the buildings destroyed."

Information from HISTORY OF PARIS, TEXAS, by Mrs. Joe Wilson, March 19, 1925, from the vertical files of the Lamar County Genealogical Society: "About the year 1870, signs of progress began to appear on every hand. The population daily increased. The small and cheaply constructed buildings began to sink into insignificance by the side of more substantial dwellings and business structures. The educational facilities were materially improved and a new life and vigor seemed to have been awakened in the inhabitants and from that time the town prospered, and grew, until visited by a great calamity that almost swept the struggling city from the face of the earth. At 12 o'clock, noon, August 31, 1877, when the city had attained a population of about 3500 it was visited by a disastrous fire that left ruin in its track, and undid the results of years of toil. The fire originated in the saloon of Andrew Myers, located on the Southeast corner of the Public Square, and was kindled by Taylor Pounds who threw a lighted match on the floor, which he had previously saturated with coal oil. In a few hours time, the entire West, East and South sides of the square were in flames. A short time later, one hundred and twenty-five buildings, occupying thirteen acres of land in the heart of the city were destroyed. The loss was estimated at about $1,500,000.00. One man, Mr. [J. H.] Ellison, lost his life in the fire."

Also see article from Backward Glances.

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