DALLAS MORNING NEWS, 12 Jun 1891: "NARROWLY ESCAPED DEATH. They Were Only Funning - Red River Receding - News Notes. PARIS, TEX., June 10.-During the heavy storm of Sunday evening, Mrs. B. B. Sturgeon, wife of County Attorney Sturgeon narrowly escaped death. She was standing in the door of her residence when a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of the house, the shock knocking her down. The other inmates of the house knew nothing of it until Mr. Sturgeon on arriving at home found his wife lying in the door unconscious, her jaws locked, arms twisted back under her head and rigid. Physicians were summoned and by hard work aroused her to consciousness. C. W. McKay, who was arrested for beating his wife, was released on bond yesterday. Mrs. McKay says they were only funning and the injuries she received were in course of a romp and not intentional. Joe Davis, who has been dodging a capias on a charge of assault to murder, was arrested yesterday. Red river called a halt on its rise with twenty-nine feet on the guage at Arthur City. This is five feet less than the disastrous overflow height of 1890. The survey of the government lot was made to-day by the city engineer preparatory to locating the building lines. The city council located the sixty arc lights, which are to be put in by the light company for street purposes. United Marshal Dickerson with Deputies Dugger, Dickerson, Lee, Booker and Williams, and Messrs. S. G. Baldwin of this city and J. A. Bohrer of Sherman as trip deputies, will leave this evening for Detroit, carrying there the following federal convicts to serve terms: Wm. Glenn, Lee White, Albert Terrell, Alex Love, Geo. McLaughlin, T. Mitchell, Frank Clark, Ed Hamilton, Will Miskell, Jim Page, J. D. Ming, Simon Billy, Geo. Collins, W. J. Jones, Jim English, Bud White, Joe Lingo, Paul Smith, Geo. Blunt, V. T. White, John Turnbull, Geo. Turnbull, Oce Jones, Ed Collins, J. M. Belcher, Willie Matoy, Geo. Hawkins and Ike Frazier. An election will be held June 23 to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Alderman Hocker from the second ward. Mr. Hardin Ragland, whose house was burned yesterday, had $2000 insurance, Mr. Torce had none on his furniture, etc. The Paris oil and cotton company have elected the following officers for the ensuing year: W. B. Wise, president; H. L. Scales, vice president; J. W. Broad, treasurer; T. J. Broad, secretary. An unknown negro living five miles out in the country applied to the county officials for a remedy against his wife who had maltreated him in an unconjugal way. He was advised to go home and make it up or stay away and get a divorce. He went home.

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