Confederate Pensions for Lamar County, TX

This is a list of the Confederate Pension Applications found at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. You can learn more about these Pension Applications by reading the Introduction. The search form can be found here. Once you have the Application number, you may request a copy from the Archives. If an Application is marked "Rejected," you will want to go ahead and order a copy as those files sometimes contain extra information as the applicant may have sent additional information to prove their case.

Applicant Name App # Husband Husband's App #
Abshire, Easom 22672
Abshire, Nannie 34706 Abshire, Easom 22672
Adams, William B. 41130
Addison, M. A. (Mrs) 43748 Addison, Andrew Jackson 29036
Allen, Anna 41012 Allen, Drewery Wilkins 15857
Allen, Callie (Mrs) 15856 Allen, James Almsrine
Allen, Drewery Wilkins 15857
Allen, J. A. 02430 Missing
Allen, Susan Mildred 42418 Allen, Edward Claiborne
Allison, Isabella Q. 18682 Allison, William G. 13404
Allison, William G. 13404
Alsobrook, J. M. 2431
Alsobrook, N. C. (Mrs) 19629 Alsobrook, J. M. 2431
Anderson, C. J. (Mrs) 2432 Anderson, W. M.
Anderson, J. W. 12006
Anderson, Martha Jane 48038 Anderson, Jonathan
Andrews, M. J. (Mrs) 17993 Andrews, Gustavus Adolphus
Anglin, Bettie E. 39591 Anglin, William Francis
Arnold, Alfred Z. 25875
Arnold, J. W. 30059
Avance, Nancy Mary 36008 Avants, John George 17577
Aycock, Mattie 21634 Aycock, Willis Monroe 19554
Baker, Elizabeth 33569 Baker, John Armstrong 29777
Baker, Helen M. 51049 Baker, Isaac Fiske
Baker, J. A. Rejected
Baker, J. H. 2433
Baker, John Armstrong 29777
Baker, Minnie E. 44017 Baker, Murdock McIntosh
Baker, R. J. (Mrs) 9064 Baker, J. H. 2433
Bankhead, Susan Alcinda 49923 Bankhead, Leander Jackson
Basden, Sarah Matilda 33700 Basden, William Right
Baugh, Samuel Newton Rejected
Baughn, Susan J. 45574 Baughn, George Calvin
Baxley, Henrietta 31038 Baxley, James Abbott
Baxter, M. E. (Mrs) 46948 Baxter, William Isaac
Bays, Lucy Brooks 24963 Bays, William Alexander
Beauchamp, Josie Easter (Mrs) 34286 Beauchamp, Jesse Denson
Beavers, Rosa Ann 25898 Beavers, Silas James
Beckley, Sallie F. 47082 Beckley, John Simpson
Bell, William Rufus 33929
Bennington, W. J. 2435
Benson, J. W. 13922
Bentley, Martha Sophronia Rejected Bentley, Thomas Baker
Bentley, Thomas Baker Rejected
Benton, A. D. Rejected
Berry, Mary J. 35235 Berry, William Tollie 27315
Berry, William Tollie 27315
Billingsly, Mary J. 17196 Billingsly, William P.
Billingsly, Sarah Rejected Billingsly, Francis Marion
Blanchard, Robert 7620
Bobo, James Edward 30445
Bone, Martha Ann 28172 Bone, John Bell
Bowden, William Acey 40927
Braddock, J. S. 2437
Brame, Richard Samuel 30335
Brame, Sallie 33691 Brame, Richard Samuel 30335
Brand, Margaret S. 40118 Brand, William Henry
Breckeen, James Edward 43957
Breckeen, Mary 51974 Breckeen, James Edward 43957
Brodie, E. P. (Mrs) 34629 Brodie, John Ligon 33712
Brodie, John Ligon 33712
Brosius, M. A. (Mrs) 12519 Brosius, G. W.
Brown, J. M. 5219
Brown, Joseph 2436
Brownlee, S. C. (Mrs) 11517 Brownlee, C. C.
Bryan, J. T. Rejected
Bryan, John A. 15858
Bryant, P. H. 2434
Buchanan, S. L. Z. (Mrs) 35314 Buchanan, William Philander 24987
Buchanan, William Philander 24987
Bullington, Mary D. 9063 Bullington, John D.
Burge, L. T. 2438
Burkett, Sarah A. 20140 Burkett, Fred (burket) 5193
Burton, M. A. 5231
Butler, Clarisa A. 28174 Butler, William T.
Buzbee, Levi Simuel 19082
Buzbee, Martha Elizabeth 27035 Buzbee, Levi Simeul 19082
Cadle, Lucinda 11236 Cadle, James Preston
Cagle, N. S. (Mrs) 39066 Cagle, John Hampton
Cain, E. D. 6726
Caldwell, Elizabeth W. 18755 Caldwell, Orville Howard 15848
Caldwell, Orville Howard 15848
Calfee, William Judson 29776
Callicoate, M. J. 39434 Ashley, John Willis
Camp, Zach Taylor 29360
Campbell, Maggie Pearson 35073 Campbell, George Washington
Campbell, Thomas P. 27044
Carico, Charles 15850
Carico, M. L. (Mrs) 36172 Carico, Charles 15850
Carnes, John Daniel 12011
Carnes, Sarah 31330 Carnes, John Daniel 12011
Carson, Saleta A. 26049 Carson, Owen R.
Carter, Jane 2440 Carter, B. P.
Carter, Julia Bell 25122 Carter, Andrew Jackson
Carter, R. E. (Mrs) 45170 Carter, R. E. 23123
Carter, S. H. (Mrs) 5220 Carter, John Milton
Cass, S. J. (Mrs) 7278 Cass, J. M.
Castellaw, Almeda 23120 Castellaw, Andrew Jackson 10402
Castlebury, E. C. (Mrs) 2439 Castlebury, Joshua G.
Cato, Z. T. 10308
Cavines, N. J. (Mrs) 15851 Cavines, William Lewis
Cavnar, Martha A. C. 29370 Cavnar, William B.
Chaney, Mary Catherine 47106 Chaney, Walter Overton Tazelton
Chennault, Thomas Henderson 25802
Childs, Sarah 50606 Childs, John L.
Claiborne, John Harrison 15855
Clifton, M. A. Johnson (Mrs) 49084 Johnson, Benjamin Franklin
Coats, S. F. (Mrs) 2444 Coats, A. J.
Cochran, John W. 26107
Coile, Mary M. 19364 Coile, Nicholas Warren 14305
Coile, Nicholas Warren 14305
Coker, P. E. (Mrs) 9385 Coker, H. D.
Cothran, J. C. Rejected
Couch, James Thomas 10126
Couch, Mahalia J. 32873 Couch, James Thomas 10126
Coward, Ara 51834 Coward, Lawrence Brock 47449
Coward, Lawrence Brock 47449
Cowden, James Monroe 6418
Cox, Callie 48005 Cox, Robert Bowen
Cox, J. D. 2441
Crain, M. J. (Mrs) 2442 Crain, W. T.
Crawford, M. E. (Mrs) 47318 Crawford, Ellsworth Robert
Creighton, T. N. 2443
Crook, Ulta 33586 Crook, George McKenzie
Cross, Elizabeth Jane 47721 Cross, William Calvin
Cross, L. L. Rejected
Crosslin, Caroline 15854 Missing
Cruse, N. H. (Mrs) Rejected Cruse, William Richard
Cunningham, David Rejected
Davis, A. E. Austin 29364 Davis, Joseph W.
Davis, Martha Ann 34326 Davis, William Rasbury 2445
Davis, Martha Augustine 34095 Davis, Samuel
Davis, Thomas Jefferson 13407
Davis, William Rasbury 2445
Dawes, Sophia Ellen 45836 Dawes, John
Dawson, Mary L. 15853 Dawson, Isaac Newton
Deatley, Anna 42047 Deatley, Henry
Dendy, Fannie 44084 Dendy, Lawrence Edgefield 34735
Dendy, Lawrence Edgefield 34735
Denson, (Lizzie) M. E. 49834 Denson, James Isaac
Deshang, N. P. 17991
Deweese, Joe Wright 34071
Deweese, Lewis Wright 33742
Deweese, Lewis Wright (Mrs) 43635 Deweese, Lewis Wright 33742
Dickey, John Wheeler 49153
Dickson, William Henry (Mrs) 46040 Dickson, William Henry
Diggs, Benjamin H. 26035
Dockery, L. Y. (Mrs) 48031 Dockery, William Jasper
Dockray, S. J. (Mrs) 7886 Dockray, B. S.
Dodson, C. J. (Mrs) 45524 Dodson, James Brown
Dolman, Mary A. 15852 Dolman, Abram Hickman
Doyel, Lugenia Franklin 38267 Doyel, Henry Clay
Drake, John Wyatt 12008
Driskell, Columbus Washington 25603
Dudley, William R. Rejected
Dudley, William Riley (Mrs) 43649 Dudley, William Riley
Duff, C. D. (Mrs) 5215 Duff, William
Dunham, M. A. C. (Mrs) 42898 Dunham, James Hawkins
Dyer, Martha A. 2446 Dyer, John L.
East, S. E. (Mrs) 2447 East, John
Easterling, Henry 23556
Easterwood, V. C. (Mrs) 39735 Easterwood, Charlie James
Easton, Minerva Louise 49346 Easton, William Thomas
Eaton, Samuel Kinsey 11515
Elliott, William Beason 13403
Ellis, Cicero C. 31884
Ellis, Kate 42452 Ellis, James Barclay
Endy, Alfred E. 11516
Eubank, Sallie R. 34705 Eubank, William Payne
Evans, Clara 47859 Evans, Charles
Evans, Cyrena 43125 Evans, Alfred Bolt
Evans, Zaccheus S. 24085
Faubion, H. C. 2448
Faucett, S. J. (Mrs) Rejected Faucett, M. E.
Ferrell, William F. 2449
Finch, James 13401
Fisher, John Madison (Mrs) 49740 Fisher, John Madison
Fitzgerald, John G. 25294
Fleece, Louisa Frances Gordon 49378 Gordon, Archabel Johnson
Ford, James D. 25174
Ford, S. E. (Mrs) 45611 Ford, James D. 25174
Ford, Susan Elizabeth Rejected Ford, James D. 25174
Fryar, Albert Steven 27343
Fryar, Bethana 49514 Fryar, Frank
Funston, John H. 11018
Funston, Thomas D. Rejected
Fuqua, Nancy Josephine 26328 Fuqua, Armsted Alexander
Furgerson, M. E. (Mrs) 34327 Furgerson, William Allen 1419
Garrett, J. M. 2450
Garrett, L. A. Cooper (Mrs) Rejected Cooper, Nophlet Harris
Garrett, Nancy J. Rejected Garrett, J. M.
Garrison, Sophronia A. 29904 Garrison, Laban J.
Gates, S. E. (Mrs) 2451 Gates, J. T.
Gibson, Sarah Catherine 34364 Gibson, William Henry
Gill, Sina Ann 42784 Gill, William Lewis 12956
Gill, William Lewis 12956
Gilliam, Sarah Jane 23939 Gilliam, George Washington
Gilmore, Alex Rejected
Gilmore, Mary C. 18716 Gilmore, Alex
Gose, Susan 49303 Gose, Rufus Morgan
Graham, Alguria Sabina 32869 Graham, James Hatley
Graham, J. H. Rejected
Graham, William B. 30052
Graves, William Henry 27719
Green, Mary E. 34661 Green, Aquilla Churchill
Griffin, T. W. 5218
Griffin, William K. 47479
Griffith, S. A. 37350
Grimes, J. F. Rejected
Grinder, Alice A. Rejected Grinder, Willis
Gunn, Martha Brian 49055 Gunn, Elisha Knight
Hackleman, M. A. (Mrs) 50684 Hackleman, George James
Haley, Lucy 32877 Haley, James Martin 13851
Hall, Rebecca E. 42672 Hall, Benjamin Franklin
Hammond, Davis Stone (Mrs) 47523 Hammond, Davis Stone
Hancock, Mary A. 32981 Hancock, Robert Doak
Hancock, W. G. 12007
Hancock, W. L. 5800
Haney, J. H. 23835
Haney, Jane W. 25279 Haney, John Van Buren
Hannah, Jesse Taylor 50019
Hardy, N. K. (Mrs) 49295 Hardy, John Washington
Harper, C. L. 6420
Harral, Harmon Brown 49344
Harral, Hugh Rejected
Harral, Nancy Jane 51297 Harral, Harmon Brown 49344
Harrell, Sarah 19654 Harrell, Josiah
Harris, John A. 31102
Hatch, Ellen 39164 Hatch, William B.
Haynes, A. H. 2452
Hays, J. C. 10678
Hearn, Orin L. 28173
Hearn, Sallie E. 32040 Hearn, Orin L. 28173
Henderson, Amanda M. 36477 Henderson, Thomas Monroe 31670
Henderson, Clint 28875
Henderson, Thomas Monroe 31670
Henley, George P. 37852
Henley, John Thomas 39604
Henley, Sarah J. 50491 Henley, George P. 37852
Herron, William M. 31867
Hickey, Robert Carter 30083
Hicks, S. L. (Mrs) 8598
Hildreth, J. D. Rejected
Hill, C. F. (Mrs) Rejected Hill, William Sanders 25702
Hill, John Alexander Pickett (Mrs) 40716 Hill, John Alexander Pickett
Hill, Richard D. 31387
Hill, Salley A. 2453 Hill, James
Hill, Tinie Reed 40171 Hill, Richard
Hill, William Sanders 25702
Hilton, Catherine J. 10675 Hilton, Leroy R. 7779
Hines, H. E. Rejected
Hitchcock, William Thomas 27312
Hogue, America A. 47893 Hogue, John Andrew
Holt, Mary Rushia Rejected Holt, John Evert
House, C. F. 2454
Hubbard, Absolam Wright 34729
Hudspeth, J. H. 34643
Hughes, Ida V. Rejected Hughes, Byron 10956
Humphreys, Mary M. 24125 Humphreys, Howard A.
Hunter, Frank Baldwin 19740
Hunter, Mary Elizabeth 21833 Hunter, Frank Baldwin 19740
Hutchison, Jacob Smith 13405
Hutchison, Mary Elizabeth 39494 Hutchison, William Wallace
Ingram, C. A. (Mrs) Rejected Ingram, T. R.
Ingram, John J. 12010
Ingram, Thomas R. 2455
Ingram, William David (Mrs) 49887 Ingram, William David
Jackson, Andrew Caldwell 33830
Jackson, W. A. 11016
Jennings, C. B. 45419
Jennings, Joseph Newton 11017
Jennings, Mary Ann 24711 Jennings, Joseph Newton 11017
Johnekin, Jim 45172
Johnson, America T. 49581
Johnson, James 23006
Johnson, Jennie 42995 Johnson, James 23006
Johnson, L. E.(Mrs) 39610 Johnson, William Joseph 25677
Johnson, Lizzie D. 46048 Johnson, Thomas Wilson
Johnson, Mary B. 52022 Johnson, Martin Kirby
Johnson, William Joseph 25677
Johnston, Sue M. Rejected Johnston, James Byron
Jones, James Thomas 29801
Jones, Jennie 34630 Jones, James Thomas 29801
Jones, John William 28027
Jones, John Wilson 2456
Jones, M. C. (Mrs) 8386
Jones, Mary E. 7512 Jones, John W.
Jones, Mat. L. (Mrs) 40089 Jones, Mark Lucus
Jones, Neva Record 35127 Jones, John William 28027
Jones, Sarah 40796 Jones, John 23866
Julian, Francis David (Mrs) 41752 Julian, Francis (frank) David 24860
Julian, Frank (Francis) David 24860
Keel, Julia 50114 Keel, John Figures
Keeling, William Thomas 26202
Kennermer, Joseph Henry 28736
King, Fannie B. 45109 King, Thomas F. 37796
King, Thomas F. 37796
King, W. C. Rejected
Kirkpatrick, William James (Mrs) 39699 Kirkpatrick, William James
Knowles, William Henry Rejected
Konkle, Malinda 9383 Konkle, W. M. 2457
Konkle, W. M. 2457
Ladd, James W. 17992
Lamberson, Amande E. 35771 Lamberson, William Riley 25452
Lamberson, William Rily 25452
Lamkin, John Barker 28175
Lamkin, Rebecca A. 31720 Lamkin, John Barker 28175
Landrum, N. P. 2458
Lane, L. P. (Mrs) 37478 Lane, William 31768
Lane, William 31768
Lattimer, William 29800
Lawrence, A. F. (Mrs) 11512 Lawrence, M. N.
Lee, A. M. (Mrs) 7513 Lee, P. A.
Leming, Harvey D. 11514
Lentz, Sarah Elizabeth Milling Rejected Milling, William Alexander
Lewis, Wylie H. (Mrs) 51444 Lewis, Wylie H.
Lillard, William Burke 40325
Lincoln, John Alexander 19974
Littlejohn, John T. 15846
Littlejohn, L. W. (Mrs) Rejected Littlejohn, C. P.
Long, James M. 13408
Long, Jonathan 5217
Love, Alice M. 49689 Love, Samuel Walker
Love, John W. 28176
Lowrence, Elizabeth 26820 Lowrence, Eli
Luckey, S. S. Rejected
Luckey, Sidney S. 28556
Lynn, Meredith Hays 12522
Mackey, M. E. F. Nixon (Mrs) Rejected Nixon, Thomas Canter Fletcher
Mahon, Sarah Elizabeth 51171 Mahon, James H.
Mallison, Carrie R. 45278 Mallison, James Clark 13186
Malone, Margaret Elizabeth 43436 Malone, William Joseph
Maples, Moses Rejected
Marshall, Robert 12014
Martin, Jane Elizabeth 49394 Martin, Lewis
Martin, William A. 40120
Martin, William Franklin 38824
Matlock, Mary Lavina 12523 Matlock, William Jasper
Matthews, Benjamin Franklin 26353
Matthews, Charles Price 30336
Maxwell, Dona 51969 Maxwell, James Arthur
Maxwell, Sarah Frances Rejected Maxwell, Newton Thomas
Mayfield, M. E. (Mrs) Rejected Mayfield, J. P.
Mayo, Emma Clarke 15847 Mayo, William Archer
Mayo, Robert P. 28148
McCleary, Arretta T. 19656 McCleary, Samuel Richard
McClure, Lizzie 50604 McClure, Isaac
McCuistion, Bedford Lane (Mrs) 49323 McCuistion, Bedford Lane
McCuistion, Mary A. Rejected McCuistion, Harrison Montgomery
McCuistion, T. J. 2460
McCulloch, Isaac Joseph 30126
McCulloch, Isaac Joseph (Mrs) 39437 McCulloch, Isaac Joseph 30126
McDaniel, William Eber 36440
McDonald, Charles 42449
McDonald, Nannie Rejected McDonald, George Washington
McGraw, E. (Mrs) 7277 McGraw, J. H.
McHam, Doc T. 15849
McHam, Sallie 22781 McHam, Doc T. 15849
McKeown, Barbara E. 30023 McKeown, Thomas E.
McNeal, James Rejected
Mercer, James Franklin 10679
Mercer, Lizzie 21208 Mercer, James Franklin 10679
Mercer, S. L. 12015
Miller, Stephen Jackson 12958
Miller, Zack Rejected
Millsap, Isaac 27314
Millsap, Isaac 31662
Milner, William Andrew 26812
Mitchell, Andrew J. Rejected
Moody, Lessie 27051 Moody, Milus W.
Moore, P. C. (Mrs) 08385 Missing
Moore, P. C. (Mrs) Rejected Moore, Sandy
Moorman, M. H. 2459
Moran, Willis 45449
Morgan, John W. Rejected
Morris, James 29368
Moseley, Sarah A. 17994 Moseley, George Washington
Mullins, James W. 19655
Mullins, Vincent Rejected
Myres, Amanda 30948 Myres, B. Frank
Nale, R. L. Rejected
Nash, Angie V. 39177 Nash, Travis Lawson
Nash, Isac Zack (Mrs) 49227 Nash, Isac Zack
Nations, Eliza Jane 29683 Nations, James
Neatherly, S. H. 47088
Nichols, Sallie E. 49560 Nichols, Lindsay Jackson
Nicholson, S. E. (Mrs) 2461 Nicholson, S. F.
Nixon, Martha J. 51705 Nixon, James Battle
Nixon, Mary E. 24821 Nixon, Thomas English
Nixon, Sarah 17995 Nixon, James Madison
Norvell, Emily 35860 Norvell, James Henry 28896
Norvell, James Henry 28896
Norwood, J. R. 6419
Norwood, P. A. (Mrs) 9384 Norwood, J. R. 6419
Nowell, I. H. 9382
O'Daniel, Sallie Ann 45100 O'Daniel, John Washington
Oliver, Allen Kendrick 24545
Palmer, Augustus H. 24489
Pardue, L. B. (Mrs) Rejected Pardue, Joseph Alexander
Patterson, Amanda 10676 Patterson, William E.
Patterson, J. W. 10677
Payne, Margaret 12012 Payne, Matthew
Pennington, Nancy 29369 Pennington, Caleb Mason
Perry, M. S. (Mrs) 41023 Perry, John Linn
Petitfils, Sallie 49822 Petitfils, Andrew Thomas 13824
Philley, Hannah 5216 Philley, James H.
Phillips, Zachariah Taylor 24858
Pickard, Charles E. Rejected
Pitts, Mary Jane 30024 Pitts, Isaac Newton
Pitts, P. M. Rejected
Pledger, E. A. (Mrs) 37123 Pledger, George Edward 33632
Polk, James Morgan 12013
Porter, Alice E. 51754 Porter, John C. 43476
Porter, John C. 43476
Posey, Elizabeth L. 25548 Posey, Simon Marion
Poteet, Hattie 49074 Poteet, Samuel Henry
Potter, Dora Ashford 46973 Ashford, James Albertus
Price, Levi L. Rejected
Price, Sarah Jane 30364 Price, Benjamin F. 6878
Price, Susan 28735 Price, Francis Marion
Pride, A. (Mrs) 7276 Pride, John B.
Pride, James Rankin 32223
Radford, W. A. 12957
Ragsdale, E. A. (Mrs) 11518 Ragsdale, G. W.
Ragsdale, James Edward Rejected
Randal, A. E. 2462
Rawls, Willie Anna Rejected Rawls, John Boyd 6017
Reasoner, J. W. 20048
Reece, Bettie Boyd 50610 Reece, John Wesley
Reed, Emma Eliza 45351 Reed, Jacob Gardner
Reed, T. M. 7862
Reynolds, George A. 45413
Richey, Andrew Jackson 19081
Richey, M. T. (Mrs) 2463 Richey, Barney
Richey, Rowena 15842 Richey, John Wesley
Richey, Sarah Ann 34852 Richey, Andrew Jackson 19081
Roberts, Moses Oliver 38675
Robinson, D. H. 11513
Robinson, M. J. (Mrs) 5214 Robinson, Elias
Robison, J. P. (Mrs) 51065 Robison, J. P. (robeson) 31490
Rogers, B. W. 2464
Rogers, Elizabeth Ann 12518 Rogers, James L.
Rogers, Mary S. 50752 Rogers, Levi
Rooks, Harrison T. Rejected
Ross, Lewis Wells 20842
Russell, Tollie V. 30785 Russell, Frank
Rutherford, James Rice 22653
Rutherford, Mattie 33775 Rutherford, James Rice 22653
Sailor, M. C. (Mrs) 39503 Sailor, Alvin Emmanuel
Sanders, Frances 38835 Sanders, Tom T.
Sandsberry, Ollie 42633 Sandsberry, Isaac Gordon 24097
Sawyer, M. J. (Mrs) 2465 Sawyer, H.
Saylors, Margaret V. 2488 Saylors, A. J.
Scott, John Anderson 36148
Scott, Melinda J. Rejected Scott, Milton Montgomery
Scott, Thomas Jefferson (Mrs) 40370 Scott, Thomas Jefferson
Seay, Daniel P. 26288
Seckle, Richard T. 27462
Secrest, M. E. (Mrs) Rejected Secrest, Isaac Newton
Selby, Elizabeth 33799 Selby, Thomas Jefferson 15845
Selby, Thomas Jefferson 15845
Settle, Stella Louise Page 34804 Settle, Isaac Morton
Shannon, John A. S. 13406
Shannon, Nancy E. 27366 Shannon, John A. S. 13406
Sharp, Lucy Emma 25224 Sharp, John T. 5975
Shepherd, H. C. 43132
Shepherd, H. G. Rejected
Shepherd, Thomas 2466
Shilling, Carroll Henderson 39665
Shilling, Sallie A. 46270 Shilling, Carrol Henderson 39665
Shipman, M. 41837
Sikes, R. L. 2467
Simmons, William Albert (Mrs) 43760 Simmons, William Albert
Simpson, Pinkney S. 43668
Sluder, Mary 15843 Sluder, William Hill
Smallman, James Madison 25089
Smallman, Mittie 35140 Smallman, James Madison 25089
Smith, Hampton Wade 27598
Smith, John Allen 30957
Smith, John Henry 37510
Smith, Louisa 2469 Smith, J. R.
Smith, Melia 37248 Smith, Hampton Wade 27598
Smith, Nannie C. 49642 Smith, John Henry 37510
Smith, W. L. 11511
Speairs, Maria Randolph 50063 Speairs, Stillman Samuel 25723
Speairs, Philip Mayo 39176
Speairs, Stillman Samuel 25723
Stamper, Letha Jane 49587 Stamper, Russell Miller
Stanphill, Annie Elizabeth 27128 Stanphill, V. C.
Stewart, Martha W. Rejected Stewart, H. S.
Stilwell, W. R. 2468
Stout, A. J. (Mrs) 49957 Stout, Jasper N. 6849
Stowe, Martha R. 15844 Stowe, William Henry
Strickland, John Fletcher 25826
Sullivan, Anna R. 42716 Sullivan, Lemuel Leek 25700
Sullivan, Lemuel Leek 25700
Sumner, John M. 49014
Suther, S. W. 12245
Sutton, Theopilus Rejected
Tanner, S. D. (Mrs) 2470 Tanner, Thomas
Taylor, L. C. 12521
Taylor, Mattie 50179 Taylor, William Thomas 30792
Taylor, William Thomas 30792
Teems, Amanda E. 50822 Teems, George Washington 28489
Teems, George Washington 28489
Temple, Laura Ann 30021 Temple, William Fletcher
Terry, Hugh M. 26870
Thomas, Andrew Jackson 31198
Thomas, Calvin Morgan (Mrs) Rejected Thomas, Calvin Morgan
Thompson, D. J. 6417
Thompson, George Washington (Mrs) 45575 Thompson, George Washington
Tipton, M. A. (Mrs) 29367 Tipton, L. D.
Tucker, H. H. 47016
Turner, Delia 38493 Turner, Thadius Sobreski (sobescia) 32593
Turner, Thaddeus Sobescia 32593
Vansant, T. J. 47461
Vauter, R. B. 2471
Vickers, M. T. (Mrs) 12520 Vickers, W. R. 5512
Viles, Louallen 25426
Walker, Elizabeth 45202 Walker, Bargsdale Alegnon
Walker, Mary A. 2472 Walker, Henry
Walker, Matilda B. 43421 Walker, Daniel Wilburn
Walker, Susan Lucretia 37565 Walker, Richard Creed
Wall, Alexander S. 37410
Wall, Sallie O. 46164 Wall, Alexander S. 37410
Walpole, Ann Henry Rejected Walpole, James Lewis
Walton, Joseph T. 12009
Ward, Margaret Emma 20330 Ward, Theodore Oscar
Waters, Elizabeth W. 26071 Waters, Christopher Columbus
Waters, M. E. (Mrs) 49000 Waters, James
Watkins, G. D. 2477
Watson, John S. 11019
Watson, Louis James 2473
Watson, M. A. (Mrs) 49973 Watson, Harmon Nelson
Webb, John Wesley 39636
Webb, John Wesley (Mrs) 41461 Webb, John Wesley 39636
Webster, John Tyler 37725
Weikle, Adam Rejected
West, Frank Perry (Mrs) 45459 West, Frank Perry
Westbrook, Nancy E. 17997 Westbrook, James Walker
Wheeler, Sarah Ann 25199 Wheeler, William Jefferson
Whitaker, W. G. 2474
Whitaker, William H. 10546
White, F. M. 5981
White, Martha J. 40519 White, James Griffin
White, Mary M. 50066 White, Sidney Augustus 28506
White, Peter S. Rejected
White, Sidney Augustus 28506
Whiteside, Rebecca Jane 50990 Whiteside, James Franklin
Whitney, Samuel Edmund 12955
Wiley, Hettie 50239 Wiley, Thomas
Williams, F. A. (Mrs) 18706 Williams, James K. Polk
Williams, John D. 27344
Williams, Mary A. 29673 Williams, James M.
Williams, Penny Cone 35106 Williams, Walter Edgar
Wilmuth, Thomas J. 39067
Wilson, Martha J. 42587 Wilson, William
Wilson, Rebecca Francis Rejected Wilson, Philix Griffin
Wilson, Robert Henry Rejected
Womack, Adiline F. 15860 Womack, Daniel
Woodard, J. W. 2475
Woods, Mary 30787 Woods, David Rush
Woolsey, Moses 41862
Wren, George W. 15859
Wright, Eliza A. 10518 Wright, William B.
Wright, Marmaduke Gillewater 13402
Wright, Martha Jane 17996 Wright, James Thomas
Wright, W. B. 2476
Yarbrough, D. W. 23212
Young, Adalisa 31228 Young, Charles
Young, Joseph O. 30748
Young, Nannie A. 29709 Young, William Thomas 2478
Young, William Thomas 2478

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