Post Offices of Lamar County, Texas

Taken from "A HISTORY OF POST OFFICES AND COMMUNITIES -- First Congressional District of Texas," compiled by Wright Patman, Texarkana, Texas. It includes information on old communities, the discontinued post offices, and previous postmaster dating back into the 1800's. (Special thanks to Vicki Richardson for supplying the copies for transcription.)

Note from the material: "Much information contained herein has never before been published. The book is copyrighted. Permission is granted to reprint any part of it, provided credit is given the author. Copyright 1968 by Wright Patman"

Please note! This project has just started. Only the cities that are linked are complete. You will need to check back often to see if new cities have been added.


(Pop. 36,392) [in 1968]

In northeast Texas bordering Oklahoma. Created from Red River County in 1840 and organized in 1841. George W. Wright, first permanent settler in the area and Red River County representative in first and third Congress and his friends in fifth Congress were instrumental in getting county created. Named for President Mirabeau B. Lamar of The Republic of Texas. County seat - Paris.



Wright Patman

Information contained in this booklet includes the name, population and origin of one of the eighteen counties in the First Congressional District of Texas, which I have the honor to represent; dates of establishment of the Post Offices and the names of the postmasters and their appointment dates. The origin of the name of the town and other pertinent information is included for each post office.

Towns and communities which have never had a post office are also included with pertinent information.

Certain abbreviations were used and are defined as follows:

(A) Acting Postmaster
(MA) Military Acting - an acting postmaster appointed during the military
absence of the previous postmaster. In many cases that postmaster
resumed office upon his return.
(N) Name changed by marriage.
(*) Denotes a postmaster appointed under authority of Confederate States of America.

Each county contains a map denoting those towns which have a post office and those which presently have a post office. Those towns which have never had a post office are also included.

Postmasters and their appointment dates were obtained from the postal records of the United States Archives and the Department of the Post Office, Washington, D. C.

Mileage location of each post office was obtained from sight location records, U. S. Archives.

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