Lamar County Surnames and Personal Webpages

These email and website addresses are the latest information I have. To add yours, please send to Betsy.

Surname Website Researcher/Email
Allison   Jerry Frazier [Deceased]
Anderson Debby Todd
Bell   Mike Boucher
Biard   Bill Fuller
Bull   Kathy Guinn
Chron Belinda Chron
Daughtrey   Jerry Frazier [Deceased]
Davis   Leni Ruth Logan
Davis   Kathy Guinn
Ellis   Sherry
Frazier   Jerry Frazier [Deceased]
Fuller   Bill Fuller
Garrett   John Richard Garrett
Gentry Norm Gentry
Gentry   Sherry
Grubbs   Sherry
Hammond   Pat Grant
Holliway   Sherry
Holt   Ruth Hasten Walsh
Kirkley   Cynthia Kirkley
Lee Elnora Wyrick
Lewis   Sherry
Lenoir   Leni Ruth Logan
Logan   Kim Logan
Matlock   Ruth Hasten Walsh
McCarroll   Sherry
McCollum Norm Gentry
McCown Leonard McCown
McDade Sept McDade
McHam   Laura McHam
Minton   Mike Boucher
Mullins   Sherry
Oakleaf Matt Patterson
Parker   Sherry
Parsons   John Richard Garrett
Patterson Matt Patterson
Pomroy   Ruth Hasten Walsh
Price   Bill Fuller
Raines Melissa Bowyer
Rainey   Sherry
Ridinger Debby Todd
Robertson   Sherry
Russell   Sue Russell
Satterfield   Errol Lewis
Scott'swebsite Steve Scott
Scott   Mike Boucher
Shafer   Sherry
Skidmore   Bill Fuller
Skidmore'swebsite Steve Scott
Smith   Bill Fuller
Sutterfield   Errol Lewis
Tharp   Kathy Guinn
Thomas Leonard McCown
Jeff Robison
Todd Debby Todd
Tugwell Leonard McCown
Vincent   Kathy Guinn
Watson Sherry
Whitney/Whitnie Melissa Bowyer
Yates Bill Haddock

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