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Pictures provided by Katherine Alvord Thomas

Pleasant Hill, twelve miles west of Paris and south of U.S. Highway 82 in western Lamar County, was settled by 1897, when the school had an enrollment of forty-three. During the mid-1930s the community comprised a church, a school, a cemetery, and a number of houses. Pleasant Hill declined after World War II, and by 1990 only the church and a few scattered dwellings remained in the area.

Article by Christopher Long, Handbook of Texas Online, s.v. "PLEASANT HILL, TX," (accessed December 21, 2004).

Map showing location

Pleasant Hill School, 1932-33

Pleasant Hill School Friends

Pleasant Hill School Students and Teachers - page 1

Pleasant Hill School Students and Teachers - page 2

Pleasant Hill School Students and Teachers - page 3

School    Friends    Students/Teachers, Page 1
Students/Teachers, Page 2    Students/Teachers, Page 3

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