Taken from "Post Offices in the First Congressional District of Texas," created by Wright Patman. Copyright 1968. Reprinted with permission.


(Pop. 45)

Eight miles southwest of Paris. Established in 1886, the name was arrived from "amber" by Justice of the Peace Minor of Roxton who said the men of the community were the greatest tobacco chewers and spitters he ever saw.

Postmaster Appointed
George F. O'Daniel Jun 17, 1886
John P. Boyd May 10, 1887
William F. Martin Apr 6, 1892
Andrew A. Hamblin Apr 18, 1893
Thad S. Boyd Apr 5, 1894
John D. Boyd May 19, 1896
Ulysses S. Logue Nov 22, 1899

Office discontinued April 29, 1905; Mail ordered sent to Paris.


Six and one-half miles southeast of Powderly.

Postmaster Appointed
John L. Brodie Apr 25, 1891
George M. Jones Feb 18, 1892
Office discontinued December 18, 1892; mail ordered sent to Gibson.

Arthur City

Nine miles northeast of Paris

Postmaster Appointed
John L. Brodie Apr 25, 1891
George M. Jones Feb 18, 1892
Office discontinued December 18, 1892; mail ordered sent to Gibson.


Contributed by Jim Wood

(Pop. 200)

In southwestern Lamar County ten miles west of Paris. Named for A. D. Brooks, land owner who donated town site.

Postmaster Appointed
Robert P. Mayo Dec 1, 1873
James O. Walker Aug 19, 1874
James L. Lewis Nov 23, 1874
James O. Walker Jul 25, 1876
Frank D. Mallory Mar 12, 1883
Lydia C. Roach Feb 10, 1890
E. H. B. Steele Mar 14, 1894
George T. Steele Mar 14, 1896
Fred Roach Jul 11, 1898
Arthur E. Garner Sep 30, 1906
Carroll B. Jennings Sep 30, 1911
Otto A. Scheide Nov 11, 1914
Jennie Hogan (A) Dec 1, 1942
Jennie Hogan Mar 31, 1943
Mrs. J. H. Whitney (N) Feb 9, 1945
Mrs. J. H. Whitney Jul 28, 1945

Cathran's Store

Contributed by Jim Wood

Ten miles northwest of Brookston. Named for an early family, it was familiarly known as Tigertown or "Tige" because of a circus picture posted in the saloon.

Postmaster Appointed
James N. House Sep 5, 1878
J. C. Hamilton Dec 27, 1880
Charles McDonald Feb 7, 1881
Thomas J. Hammack Jun 27, 1881
Joseph S. Stewart Mar 7, 1884
Marshal D. Nicholson Feb 4, 1889
Wallace Collins May 11, 1892
Franklin L. Wright Feb 3, 1898
Houston N. Davis Jul 28, 1905

Office discontinued November 15, 1905; mail ordered sent to Maxey

[Believe the correct name was Cothran's Store, named for J. J. Cothran who operated a store at this location]

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