Taken from "Post Offices in the First Congressional District of Texas," 
created by Wright Patman.  Copyright 1968.  Reprinted with permission.


Named for Sidney Caviness, early settler. Postmaster Appointed Whitten, Sam'l. A. 5 Aug 1895 Johnson, Wm. M. 2 May 1919 Little, Edgar 1 Mar 1925 Office discontinued 31 Aug 1943.


Name taken from Chicotah, Indian Territory, often mentioned by Indians trading at the local store. Also known as "Centre Spring"(applied for) Postmaster Appointed Belvin, Edgar P. 11 Nov 1879 Littlejohn, Chas. P. 29 Nov 1880 Hughes, John W. 24 Oct 1887 Order rescinded 6 May 1890 Carpenter, Wm. T. 3 Feb 1894 Houser, Wm. P. 21 Feb 1902 Wilkins, Laura 12 Oct 1905 Spears, Laura 14 Mar 1906 (Declined) Houser, Wm. P. 21 Aug 1906 Townsend, Chas. H. 8 Jul 1907 Westbrook, Willie M. 5 Sep 1912 Gustin, Marion L. 19 Mar 1913 Seay, Mrs. Leona G. 1 May 1917 Caviness, Mrs. Irene 9 Apr 1937 (Acting PM) Caviness, Mrs. Irene 16 Aug 1937 Clem, Mrs. Irene 11 Nov 1938 Name changed Hensley, Miss Maudie M. 31 Aug 1943 (Acting PM) Hensley, Miss Maudie M. 5 Jun 1944 Campbell, Mrs. Mae Pearl 30 Nov 1967 (Acting PM) Campbell, Mrs. Mae Pearl 6 Dec 1967 Maxfield, Barbara L. 6 Oct 1978 (OIC) Dawson, Barbara L. (Maxfield) 22 Sep 1979 Stewart, Anna Marie 4 Apr 1988 (OIC) McFadden, Linda Kay 13 Aug 1988 Dudley, Roddy C. 2 Apr 2005


Also known as "Jennings" & "Niland" (applied for). Named Clardy for one of the six families in the community at the time the post office was granted. (Pop. 1899 - about 50) Postmaster Appointed Dunlap, Jas. M. 29 May 1899 Martin, Wm. N. 30 Mar 1900 Carter, John L. 25 Feb 1903 Dunlap, Eliza D. 19 Oct 1905 Office discontinued 14 Apr 1906


Named for first post master, Lawrence Percival Cleere (Pop. 50} Postmaster Appointed Cleere, Lawrence P. 24 Dec 1898 Discontinued 15 Jul 1899.


Also known as "Mound Prairie" Postmaster Appointed Clark, Jas. B. 3 Mar 1885 Barbee, Wesley 27 Apr 1886 Barbee, John Wesley 26 May 1886 Discontinued 30 Dec 1886

Cotton Plant

Named for the production of cotton in the area. (Pop. 1870 = country store) Postmaster Appointed Womack, Geo. M. 22 Jul 1870 Discontinued 22 Apr 1872 Postmaster Appointed Moody, Rich'd. D. 10 Feb 1873 Brackeen, Wm. T. 21 May 1877 Discontinued 21 Jul 1879.


Also known as "Frisco"; named for first postmaster, Richard Cox. Postmaster Appointed Cox, Rich'd. 28 Jan 1884 Ford, Jas. 8 Dec 1885 Discontinued 15 Apr 1886


Also known as "Slate Shoals"; probably named for an area family, e.g. Thomas D. Craig Postmaster Appointed Tinnin, H. F. 13 Nov 1883 Discontinued 26 Jan 1885


Named for Sam Cunningham, landholder who promoted immigration to the area. Postmaster Appointed Crafton, Tilman A. 31 Aug 1912 Cunningham, Edgar 23 Sep 1916 Higgins, Wm. F. 20 May 1919 (Declined) Nelson, Clarence R. 23 Sep 1919 Higgins, Wm. F. 20 May 1921 Cox, Ed'n G. 10 Dec 1925 Musgrove, Mrs. Nelta L. 30 Dec 1964 (Acting PM) Discontinued 8 Apr 1966 Order rescinded 31 Mar 1966 Musgrove, Mrs. Nelta L. 21 Jun 1966 Green, Laurritta Ann 30 Apr 1999 (OIC) Miller, Mary Ann 21 Apr 2001 Hart, Joey 14 Jul 2003 (OIC) Rowell, Dianne 10 Dec 2003 (OIC) Fuqua, Rebecca 14 May 2004 (OIC) Anderson, Linda S. 12 Jun 2004

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