Biographies of Other Confederate Soldiers

In Northeast Texas

Ables, William Mack , 1st TX Cavalry, by Chad Walker

Bennington, James Thomas , 35th TN Infantry, by Jean Caddel

Boatright, John L. , 21st TX Infantry, by Leland Carter

Brigance, John Henry , 32nd TX Cavalry, by Dennis Brigance

Bullock, Charles Washington , 24th TX Cavalry, by Harold Douglas Willis

Caldwell, James Edward , 3rd South Carolina Infantry, by Ron Brothers

Carraway, J. E. , 19th Louisiana Infantry, by Ron Brothers

Collins, Albion Young , 1st TX Cavalry, by Walter B. Massengale

Cunningham, David L. , 1st TX Infantry, TST, by Vicky Sykes

Davis, Nixon , 16th TX Cavalry, by Eileen Balli

Flanagan, Alfred Harrison , 3rd TX Cavalry, by Virginia Pool

Gray, Lysander James , 11th Alabama Infantry, by Neva Tull Spencer

Jones, Sam , 32nd TX Cavalry, by Ron Holtsford

Mitchell, Melville V. , 62nd VA Mounted Infantry, by Connie Ball

McGuyer, Cronelius Butcher , 23rd TX Cavalry, by Tonie Sue Manning Chambers

McGuyer, Thomas Rufus , by Tonie Sue Manning Chambers

Parkhill, James Marshall , 23rd TX Cavalry, by James M. Parkhill

Pierce, Marion Monroe , 1st AR Infantry, by Wayne Meddley

Price, John James , 2nd KY Cavalry, by James M. Parkhill

Raney, Samuel Merrill , 34th TN Infantry, by The Paris News

Reed, Jasper , 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment, by Sarah Osborne Barbee

Shuman, Anson Pinkney , Sutton's Cavalry, by Ginger Byrum

Smith, William , 8th MO Infantry, by Mary Charles Dodd Hull

Spoonemore, Philip Henry , 5th TX Partisan Rangers, by Aaron Williams

Thomas, Franklin Robert , 32nd TX Cavalry, by Bobby Lee Huff

Winchester, John Elijah James , 13th NC Infantry, by Richard L. Reed

Woodard, Pleasant Washington , 32nd TX Cavalry, by Vance Woodard

Wright, George Washington , Provost Marshall of Lamar Co., TX, by Skipper Steely

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